SONIC CONJURIES (2021-2022) – ANA MARÍA ROMANO G. (Colombia)

Photo: Marta Cabrera

A National Strike began in Colombia on April 28, 2021, which then took the form of a social outburst. This was really the continuation of a series of demonstrations that took place in November 2019 and were interrupted by end of the year festivities and then by the pandemic.

However, the discontent and the need to vindicate life as a fundamental axis overcame the anguish of the pandemic, so the citizens took again public spaces, urban and rural, for 3 months in a row. The state response was violence and brutality. It was impossible to remain silent or not act in the face of what was going on.

This is how Plataforma Feminista En Tiempo Real came up with the idea of gathering to create the SONIC CONJURIES by sharing sound files created between April 28th and May 21st to be assembled into sound pieces. Since we feel the desire for change at the Platform, we resonate with the urgency of honoring life and building worlds full of dignity. We bet on encounters that embrace solidarity, listening, disobedience, shelters for affection. We are summoned by sound into a collective construction.

The call in full is available here:

The SONIC SPELLS wanted to take that other public space, the cyberspace. We imagine the SPELLS as vibrant gears connecting near and distant presences, we invoke happiness, we shelter imagination, we shake the fear off, we exorcise hopelessness, we reweave well-being, we feel the herd.

Composers Ana María Romano G. and Laura Zapata were invited to give body to the SONIC CONJURIES, which were premiered in May 2021 in the radio show SONAR Y CONSPIRAR, a space of the Plataforma Feminista En Tiempo Real on Radio CASo (Argentina). Then, in December, two new incantations composed by Ana María Romano G. premiered on Radio Tsonami (Chile).

The SONIC CONJURIES will be published by the En Tiempo Real label and 100% of the profits will be donated to Human Rights organizations and to the Indigenous Minga.

We received sound materials from several countries: Germany (1), Argentina (4), Brazil (1), Colombia (22), United States (2), Mexico (4) and Peru (1).

The recordings were shared by: Adri Guío, Ana María Romano G., Ana Mora, Brigitte Potente, Diana Medina, Eva Zöllner, florconvenas, Grupo Palabra Mayor Coomeva, Isabel Nogueira, Laura Zapata, Luz Pérez, Madame Babladski, Mange Valencia, Marcela Laura Perrone, Marcia Cabrera-La mujer cabra, Marta Cabrera, Noís Radio, Ollatucada, Rasureitor, Rocío Díaz de Cossío, Sonia Rodríguez González, Vanessa Valencia Ramos, Victoria Polti, Zoitsa Noriega.

The sound pieces created for the call were made by:

Ana Cecilia Calle - Dial

Diana Salavarrieta - Se acabó el aguante (Endurance is Over)

Dulce Huet Covarrubias - Hermosura de la dialéctica G. Belli (The beaty of dialectics, G. Belli).

Estephany Guzmán González - Aurora - Paro Nacional / Suicidio Popayán (National Strike / Suicide Popayan).

Janis Yoko - Rompo el silencio (I break the silence).

Juliana Borrero – Las extraterrestres (The extraterrestrials).

Juntanza Espontánea de Chapinero - La solidaridad es el cariño de los pueblos (Solidarity is the tenderness of the people).

Las Gomez Mendozas – Almorzaaaaar (Luuuunch)

Lío - Los nadie (The Nobodies)

María Fernanda Castro + Karla Mader - Hay un rumor que nos lleva a la ruina Saralamar - Generación del terror (There´s a rumor that leads us to ruin - Generation of Terror)

Here are the 3 SONIC CONJURIES composed between 2021-2022 by Ana María Romano G. I want to especially thank radioart106 and Meira Asher for the invitation to be part of its February program.