My House In Your Haus

Let me take you to the 90s dance floor. House shall be played and house shall be shared!

My name is Heidi Mortenson aka Phtalo and I’m gonna delve into the magic of discovering dance music from back when synths and drum machine became available for the youngies with bedroom studios and turntables. We’ll talk about the tracks played, nerd out a little on the music production and bizarre details. At times I’ll be joined by fellow musicians and audio producers who pick a track that has influenced them and kindly tell us a personal story about it. Mostly I’ll fill up your haus with house and hopefully you’ll have a dance in the kitchen or shake your booty while cleaning or just cool & calm nod your head to the beat, while sitting on the U-bahn. Welcome to a place for music lovers of all genders & colors, and listeners alike. Mi casa es su casa!


EP 02

Let’s get cheaky and grovy with Ohio, Chicago and more. I’ll let you in on a couple of unique observations in relation to DJing with vinyl, it implies a tongue and no paper!! I will play a track from a mystery figure who only released this one track (atleast under this moniker) Perhaps you know who they are..!? We catch up with some Inner City vibes and a classic track that inspired the house music scene enormously. Come open your ears to new musical horizons. This episodes running theme is water!

Put your dance shoes on and give it a listen.



John Tejada - Unit B1656 - 2004

Titonton Duvante & John Tejada - What You Like To Do - 2002

John Tejada - Mobile - 2000

The Ron Honey Experience - Nitedrive - 1998

Nattefrost - Defend The Nature - 2022

Phtalo - Normcore - 2021

Kerri Chandler - Rain - 1998

Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It - 1996

Nalin & Kane - Beach Ball - 2000
Chris Cuevas - Hip Hop (Masters At Work Dub) - 1991