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* Etteham Mahour - Mani
* Koza - Bosch
* Emaskulator - Sizi sevmek Zorunda değilim
* Mc Yallah - Nasonga
* Mc Pounz - Lalerte rouge Les anarchistes
* Pussy Riot - Putin will teach you how to Love
* Ya Tosiba - Goçu (Live)
* Varg 2TM - Parasites
* Mahmut Konuk @ Yüksel - Özgürlüğümüzü İstiyoruz
* Kazulet Avrasya Çağı Horozları
* Beyza Üstün - Bakan ! Yaptığınız Suçtur
* Mass Kotki - Devochka Terminator
* Joanna Pacula @ Oslo - This is War
* Dagmar Krause - Der Song Von Mandelay
* Kastamonulu Yovan Çavuş(Iovan Tsaous).- Varvara
* Trabzoni - Ba
* Arto Tunçboyacıyan - Son dakika Golü (Hrant Dink)
* 2/5BZ Live @ Warsaw 2001 - NOriental NO Exotic
* Gözelcore - Dudak Rave
* Masonna - Destructive Microphone
* Alt-Right 7 Kat - Thoriental Euroasia
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World’s largest and China’s giant bank ICBC @ Turkey’s Largest Istanbul Airport .Istanbul Airport has been awarded the ‘China Friendly Airport’ and added, along with enabling the use of mobile payment system “WeChat Pay,” China’s most preferred payment system.

lenin did not establish ukraine. when the tsarist prison was destroyed, peoples and communities established independent administrations. ukraine was one of them. the bolsheviks gave ukraine to the germans by agreement in march 1918. ..when the german occupation was broken as a result of the struggle of ukrainian workers-peasants or insurgents of all sizes, the bolsheviks wanted to re-dominate the independent ukraine. and they did it after two years of bloody war.(see makhnovshchina)..what the bolsheviks did that day, putin is doing today.
- the guns of the bolshevik state are triggered by the kemalist state’s gangs, and their bullets hit the oppressed peoples! the guns that killed the anarchists in ukraine in 1921 hit the kurdish people in the zilan stream in 1930. the sign of this blood brotherhood is still in taksim square statue today in the person of bolshevik generals frunze and voroshilov, who shook kemal’s hand.