Videogram: In 2077 A.D.(Spoken Intro)

Dean Hurley: Dissension

Anthony Manning: Chromium Nebulae

The Transcendence Orchestra: Humans as vessels for a suite of corporate dream delivery services

Rapoon: Vernal Crossing

Aphex Twin: Blur

Muslimgauze: Arab Jerusalem

Yoann Pisterman: Storm II

Die Form: Archives & Documents 9

/ Sounds Of The Planets: Earth; Io; Saturn

/ Carlos Peron: Bust Food; Méthode Total; Shooting The Dark

Woob: The Observatory

/ Delia Derbyshire: Delian Mode; Blue Veils And Golden Sands; Music Of Spheres; Planetarium; Delia’s Theme

/ MXP: Hypra Space

Coil: The Mothership & The Fatherland

/ Todd Dockstader & David Lee Myers: Horsefly

/ Otto Luening & Vladimir Ussachevsky: Incantation (1953)

The KLF: Space

/ Ange Du Bizarre: We Have Come To Visit You In Peace; Lunar Lander

The Cosmic Jokers: Planeten Sit-In

/ Paul Dolden: Veils

Klaus Schulze: Mirage

/ Yudana: Bioskop (remixed)

/ MXP: Chakra

/ Pauline Olivieros: Bye Bye Butterfly (1965)

Mount Vernon Astral Temple: London Praises Its Ancient Gods

/ François K: Looking At The Stars