Good night ladies and gentlemen. You will have noticed that it’s a bit hairy in the skies and the wind is against us. We require a steep take off out of here and it will be tricky but hold on ...Read More

MP Hopkins, Page 38 (language wrinkles) (2022) skimming the edge of voices that can’t... voices that can’t comprehend the conditions for mirroring... the word as it clears itself... language wrinkles in an empty bed... engraving a long exit from memory... a fragile memory ...Read More

A selection of works created by the RadioArt course students at the Haifa university Art school during 2021-22, moderated by Meira Asher. Fares Zoabi - Bus Muhammad Toukhy - Dissociation in a Football Game An atomic decomposition into the experience of ...Read More

Die gute Nachricht: Menschen überqueren die Grenze ohne Ihren Pass zeigen zu müssen. Die schlechte Nachricht: Krieg. Passport Girls im freien Fall & Live On Air mit dem Schriftsteller & Regisseur Tim Staffel. Über Hass & Drohnen. Musik Lolina I PeroPero ...Read More

In this episode, we hear from Ukrainian socialists about the war and what progressives can do to help the situation. A radical French MP will tell us about the elections coming up there and how her party is fighting racism ...Read More

It can not be avoided: the RADIOEREVANteam gives the microphone to different, anarchist voices from Ukraine and Russia about the background, present, and future in and around Ukraine - an airing of divers CrimethInc. contributions. Read More