Everybody was going on about karma … But it occurred to me that karma is instant as well as it influences your past life or your future life … So the idea of instantkarma was like the idea of instant coffee: presenting something in a new form.” JOHN LENNON

Radio broadcast by zelda panda
Naturopath in Berlin Neukölln
Shamanic Practitioner & Artist

“The Fool´s Journey” is an intercultural performance art project, inspired by the vision to create a piece that is and works as an oracle based on Tarot. “The FoOl´s journey”, as an ongoing project, consists of a series of experimental performances and sub-projects including happenings and oracular actions, theatre and performance pieces.
It´s name refers to the archetypal journey of self-awareness the fool makes through the major arcana of tarot until s*he becomes one with the world. The artist Leonor Beuter followed the path of The Fool herself. She left Argentina in 2013 to come to Germany to assemble the intercultural performance art collective with various members of different origins and disciplines.

Link to Instagram: thefoolsjourney.projekt