Welcome back after the summer break to Turbulence Radio Show by JD Zazie Today's show will be all reverse. A musical dive, revisited and presented all backwards. Good Listening Read More

Flux of Fragments (voice/loops/electronics – Line Horneland) what would it take to be filled with light split divide in the middle open and become nothing everything would it take for my scream to become one with the silence A central issue in her work is whether the voice through the artistic ...Read More

In unserer dreiundachtzigsten Folge von ENDZEIT FREQUENZ beschäftigen wir uns mit der I SLAM 3Logie Teil 2 unter dem Namen Barberie Sessions 1-3. Zu hören gibt es den Podcast „Barberie Sessions Nr.1 Teil 2“ den es letzten Winter in der ...Read More

These recordings document some of my explorations within the damaged memory banks of an old synthesizer. Upon discovery of the corrupted patches I was determined to thoroughly explore the splayed data contained therein, which provided a very unique circumstance in ...Read More

Statt zu versuchen, die Marshall Amps auf 11 zu drehen, haben sie von ihrem letzten Geld eine Schalmei gekauft und einen Satz Streicher engagiert. Und eigentlich ...Read More

Gute Sprache. Schlechte Sprache. Schwere Sprache. Gute Waffen. Schlechte Waffen. Schwere Waffen. Intelligente Waffen. Besondere Waffen. Guter Frieden. Schlechter Frieden. Heißer Frieden. Kalter Frieden. Kein Frieden. Alte Sprechweisen treffen auf neue Sprachbilder. Ein Ritt durch die gegenwärtige Sprache im Rausch mit ...Read More

In this episode, we are talking about protest in Ecuador, the Filipino migrant community in Berlin, and Western Sahara. * Follow Ecuadorminka on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EcuadorMinka/ * Follow ALPAS Pilipinas on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALPASPilipinas.Germany/ * Find out more about the Solidarity Rising bike tour to Western ...Read More

Before the emissary of RADIOTERRESTRICA has a Q&A in front of the microphones of RadioArtZone in Luxembourg in 15 days, the team of RADIOEREVAN managed to get him in front of the live recording kit once again. We ask him ...Read More

Sound Of The System #31 - Space Odyssey w/ Plastique de Rêve playlist: Alan Hawkshaw: Eternity Alan Hawkshaw: Terrestrial Fanfare K. Kovach: Meteorite Joël Vandroogenbroeck: Future World Kerry Beaumont: Floating Free Rick Miller: Future Directions Harry Forbes: Calculator Brad Smith: Intercity-1 Joël Vandroogenbroeck: Digital Song Joël Vandroogenbroeck: Romantic Program Joël Vandroogenbroeck: Computer ...Read More