These recordings document some of my explorations within the damaged memory banks of an old synthesizer. Upon discovery of the corrupted patches I was determined to thoroughly explore the splayed data contained therein, which provided a very unique circumstance in which to retrieve a whole new palette of illogically-programmed waveforms. Comprised of 30 vignettes that play out rather like a sequence of coded language that has been garbled in transmission, the version presented here is unmixed, with no additional reverb, and intended solely for broadcast. I recommend speakers in a room as optimum playback conditions, with headphone listening mildly discouraged.

Scant Intone is the solo project of Constantine Katsiris, dedicated to his artistic experiments in modern audio. The output varies from stark minimalist tones to densely complex textures with a sound palette that incorporates elements of field recordings, radio frequencies, hand-drawn waveforms, raw data, analog and digital sound synthesis. Focused on researching psychoacoustics, the perception of sound, spatiality, waveform anomalies, and various audio phenomena discovered while exploring the frequency spectrum, his compositions are excursions in abstract electronic music.

Constantine has been active in exploring the electronic arts since the mid-1990s as an artist, curator, producer, graphic and sound designer. Over a period of more than twenty years he has been integral in organizing countless events for experimental, improvised, and electronic music both locally and abroad. These events have featured performances by artists from across Canada as well as international guests from all over the globe. This experience has lead him to be involved with programming showcases for world-renowned festivals and booking tours for artists on Panospria, his own sub-label of No Type Records based in Montréal. Having laid his hat in many places over the years, he currently lives and works in Saskatoon, located on Treaty 6 Territory in the homeland of the Métis.


* Idents on this show by Shaun Robert.