In this episode, we’ll be hearing from:

Magda Qandil, a researcher and activist who has recently returned from the border between Poland and Belarus, where
people face terrible conditions and state brutality on the frontier of
the EU.
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Grupa Granica:
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* Activists from Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra, the
Brazilian landless peasants movement (MST), on the struggle for land reform.

* Emily Baumgartner and Phil Butland on the court victory of Farah
Maraqa, the Palestinian journalist fired by Deutsche Welle on the basis
of false antisemitism allegations.
- For more info, see Emily’s articles “Palestinian Journalist fired from
Deutsche Welle seeks justice: Trial report”
and “Verdict announced in the case of Farah Maraqa vs. DW: Victory, but
vindication awaits”

This episode is presented by Ali Khan and produced by Tom Wills.

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