Sometimes things just don’t work out. You have big plans, dreams, hopes for the future, and then they get dashed. You’re stuck waiting in a café, stood up. We hoped to be together again at last, but planes and boats and trains kept two of us stuck in a cheap hotel in Greece. But even when you look like a gorilla, the show must go on, so we put our best face forward, as did the Mopes. La Lupe can always be counted on in a crisis, but even Deborah Harry popped in to get us through. Soon she and Laura Nyro were sharing a last cigarette. La Lupe barely noticed, but Rena Rolska gracefully bridged the gap by making drinks. The Germs, Jean Carne, Cholita, Jackie Wilson, Nawel al Zoghbi, and Rachel and Lisa from Suckdog were all gathered around Jack Smith (no, not that one, the one from 1928), who surprisingly knew everything about Marlon Brando’s mercy fucks.