Hosted by Steve Morell, The Zero Hour is going to present, introduce and point out to the listeners new music. Music which is worth to be presented and introduced to a new wasted generation. Photo credits: Patrick Citera Read More

The 70th edition of Media Loca on Reboot.FM coincidentally falls almost on my 60th birthday, so it provides a special opportunity to celebrate the wonderful musicians I'm surrounded by. On this occasion great Berlin-based Peruvian musician Ale ...Read More

Deadly Dolores nimmt euch mit auf eine kleine Reise in die Welt des Hip Hop. 01. Blackalicious - Deep In The Jungle 02. The Coup - Cars & Shoes 03. The B.U.M.S. - Let The Music Take Your Mind 04. Group Home - Bright ...Read More

OUT OF THE PHAROAH’S VAULT / AUS DER GRUFT DES PHARAOS Einen Sonntag im Monat präsentiert der Deutsch-Palästinensiche Musiker Ghazi Barakat, auch als Pharoah Chromium in der internationalen Klangwelt bekannt, zwei Stunden übersinnliches Radio. Mit Hilfe des Sprechfunk mit Verstorbenen werden Schätze ...Read More

On February 24, 2022, the Brussels organization BNA-BBOT launched a new sound platform including, in addition to a set of artistic projects carried out on the territory of the city, a Database, a Sound Map and a Radio: Radio tout-le-temps. ...Read More

The musicians who were invited to perform at the re-shaping jazz festival at ausland received a list of proposals of recordings to work with. In this first show for the festival we start by playing the non-chosen gems for you, ...Read More

This episode features natural radio and field recordings in and around a small turf house (housing sheep) in the North of Iceland, using the turf roof of the house as an antenna. With thanks to Turfiction / Tinna Grétarsdóttir and ...Read More

In der achtzigsten Ausgabe ihrer Lautstrom-Radiotalks widmet sich Anna Bromley dem diskursanalytischen Überblick zum Thema Pädophilie, den ihre KHM-Kollegin Katrin M. Kämpf in diesem Jahr vorlegte. Kämpf`s dreihundert Seiten starkes Buch zeichnet nach, in welchen Begriffen, Körperbildern und -politiken sich ...Read More

music made in Berlin, new releases, punk rock, electronic and experimental music Production and presentation: Laura Leiner playlist: 1. Boiling lake, by Leila Bordreuil & Biliana Voutchkova, album The seventh water (May.2022) 2. The seventh water, by Leila Bordreuil & Biliana Voutchkova (DUOS2022 project), ...Read More

Jacinta Nandi's latest book comes out tomorrow! 50 Ways to Leave Your Ehemann or why you should- or maybe shouldn't- leave your partner. Jacinta talked to Melissa about the strains and pressures involved with starting life anew- and how to ...Read More