‘Nations’ is a composition for radio by Dror Elimelech played on this show for the first time. It is based on shortwave broadcasts of various radio stations. The piece was organised in collage techniques with a special emphasis on short waves, broad spectrum frequencies transmissions and noise. Its’ cosmopolitan atmosphere is achieved by the use of many languages, music excerpts and messages from around the world.

Acoustic, Acousmatic-Electroacoustic composer Dror Elimelech was born in Israel. He studied composition with Sergio Natra, Electroacoustic music with prof. Yitzhak Sadai and piano with prof. Pnina Salzman, Bart Lerman and Avi Shonfeld. He is also an Accordion and Recorder player, improviser, poet and sound artist.

Elimelech had over 120 premiers of his works. His music was played in Europe, Canada and the USA. Founder and curator of two contemporary classical performance series in Tel Aviv: “Night happening - forum for experimental music” 1986-2007, and “Other Israeli music”1985-1987. He collaborates with Poets, actors, dancers, painters, video and performance artists.


image: curtis hystad (detail)