Bob (Musk's Mushrooms) is a sound collage based around an interview Thomas Antonic recorded while researching the beat generation in the United States and which revolves around topics such as freedom, drugs, conspiracy theories. Thomas Antonic is an award-winning poet, musician, ...Read More

Eine Sendung mit Olivia Pils /FAKE mistress über ihr Projekt “Tödliche Frauen”: Sieben Frauen aus unterschiedlichen Zeiten und Ländern, die (eventuell) gemordet haben: Liebe, Verrat, Wahnsinn. Schuldig oder nicht schuldig? Täterinnen oder Opfer? Manche wurden zu Heldinnen gemacht, manche zu Monstern. Ihre Geschichten ...Read More

This episode features a recording and several radio space re-workings of a performance of the same name, at Panke culture on the 5th October as part of the "Forests of antennas, oceans of waves" festival. With thanks to Daniella, Marta, ...Read More

Anna carries coffee over to her desk and flips her laptop open. An email subject is in characters she can't read. It looks like three words. She thinks she knows what it says: Women, Life, Freedom. While writing in Cologne, ...Read More

Klang#030 n.42 _ 09.10.2022 1 Indentations, by Passepartout Duo, album "Daylighting", 2021 2 Solo? Repeat!, by Anne Müller, album 'Heliopause', 2019 3 Morton Subotnick live at Loop Summit, Berlin, 2016 4 Angela Davis at O-platz wird 10, speech's excerpt, Berlin, 2022 5 Angela Davis ...Read More

Live with artist and musician Christopher Colm Morrin Read More

Im Gespräch mit Sophie Krambrich und Jelka Plate sprechen wir über ihre Mütter, die Künstlerinnen sind. Was für Kunst machen die Mütter und unter welchen Bedingungen? Wie haben die Töchter die Kunstproduktion wahrgenommen? Welche Rolle hat das Kunstmachen innerhalb der ...Read More

Since 30 years the Women Divorced in the GDR are fighting for pension justice. They had been cut off 1/3rd of their pensions esteeming from special temporary measures balancing women's de facto inequality by being the unpaid Care Worker at ...Read More

feat. some exclusiveness from Strange U, a collaborative release w/ El Mahdy Jr, X_J, Gulls & Alter Echo - Rai dubs - reconstructing & deconstructing Algerian Rai music, young US producer Allen Analog - Satrdy EP, from Paris Adjaman - album ...Read More

Let me take you to the 90s dance floor. House shall be played and house shall be shared! My name is Heidi Mortenson aka Phtalo and I’m gonna delve into the magic of discovering dance music from back when synths and drum ...Read More