‘Open Wave-Receiver’ is an audio how-to guide from Shortwave Collective. In this piece, we share instructions on how to construct self-powered radio receivers, from the print version of our forthcoming ‘how-to-guide’ for Make Magazine. The work collages sounds of ourcollective, engaged in the processes of making and listening (including recordings made during a residency at Buinho Creative Hub, Portugal), as well as the sounds of our materials, our experimentation and workshopping, and finally, the signals received by the Open Wave-Receivers.

Shortwave Collective is an international, feminist artist group established in May 2020, interested in the creative use of radio. We meet regularly to discuss feminist approaches to amatuer radio and the radio spectrum as artistic material, sharing resources, considering DIY approaches and inclusive structures. ​

Shortwave Collective are: Alyssa Moxley, Brigitte Hart, Franchesca Casauay, Georgia Muenster, Hannah Kemp-Welch, Kate Donovan, Lisa Hall, Maria Papadomanolaki, Sally Applin, Sasha Engelmann, Karen Werner and Meira Asher.