Mutze ist zurück auf und wühlt sich in seiner monatlichen Radiosendung (No.24) gewohnt spielend durch jegliche Auswüchse elektronischer+artverwandter Musik und entdeckt dabei aktuelles, vergessenes, und abwegiges. Ab 23 Uhr entführt uns Markus für eine Stunde ...Read More

Lisa & Lyon´s Raw Cuts on is about adventurous new music from the soulful underground. #72 presents part II in a series of the best dance music I know. Here’s some serious stuff from the 80ties. Trackliste: 01 ...Read More

Achtung! Achtung! Weil Valie nochmal ausfällt und die beliebte Samstagabendsendung “Themepark Berlin” nicht stattfinden kann, findet zum Ausgleich folgende Sonderveranstaltung statt: "The Stiegl Mountain Boys are back in town" - ein hochenergetischer Unterhaltungsabend mit Plattenspieler Lehmann und Stargast Daniel Adams, ...Read More

By now, You may have heard of a little war going on in Central Europe and the refugee crisis that it brought about; but did you know that there were many African students were Studiying in Ukrainian universities and as ...Read More

Dj Anna präsentiert (Berliner) Bands, Klatsch und Ausgehtipps Anna Theme Jens Friebe - Das Nichtmehrkönnen Album: „Wir sind schön“ (staatsakt) live: 12.11.2022 im Festsaal Kreuzberg shishi - Happy Birthday Album: "Nearly Happily Ever After" (2021) live: 13.11.2022 at Panke Finna - Zartcore Album: "Zartcore" (Weltgast) The ...Read More

Eclectic mix as usual from classic to elektro rock to ethno and always a grain of poetry. Read More

Ever since drums were banned on most slave plantations in N. America during the 1600s, after the masters discovering that the slaves organized revolts with their talking drums, the expression of poly-rhythms in N. American popular music has primarily been ...Read More

Kritzkom brings us a powerful mix tonight featuring music produced and performed by female artists. This show is dedicated to the courageous women standing up to patriarchal systems all over the world and fighting for their freedom, like the women ...Read More

Für die dicken FreundInnINNEN der sehr, sehr GUTEN MUSIK passend zur Jahreszeit! For the real, real good girl***friends of very, very good music. A Perfect match to the current season! Dedicated to DieB. Expect stimulation on the highest level – Stay tuned in ...Read More

Commemorating 28 years of the VOICE‘s existence - We have a different NARRATIVE 71st. Edition: Tune in to THE VOICES with Mbolo ...Read More