A special show indeed, celebrating 10 years of Your Mom's with an eclectic selection by YMA founder Nadia Says, showcasing tracks by artists playing the anniversary bash where it all started at Urban Spree on November 18th, and/or artists featured ...Read More

A submarine jukebox presented by Rex Joswig :: inspired by the voice of poetry of Krzysztof Niewrzeda :: Love, respect & eternal fame to Stanley Kubrick, Bill Laswell & Bob Marley, Grace Jones, Sly & Robbie, Dub Spencer & Trance Hill feat. ...Read More

Nochmal Lulu & Örbi! Read More

Nach der Revolution - Streifzüge durch mögliche Gesellschaften Teil 2 - Kollektives Zusammenleben und Utopieübungen Linke Menschen sehnen sich nach einer tiefgreifenden gesellschaftlichen Veränderung, nach Revolution im breitesten Sinne des Wortes. Wenn es aber nicht mehr nur um Abwehrkämpfe gegen Rassismus, Sexismus, ...Read More

Media Loca is proud to present a wonderful list of very recent music and some of new additions to the artist roster: 1. Anushka Chkheidze - Try to Be Born / Move 20-21 2. Anushka Chkheidze - Lingotto / Halfie 3. Natalie Beridze ...Read More