A special show indeed, celebrating 10 years of Your Mom’s with an eclectic selection by YMA founder Nadia Says, showcasing tracks by artists playing the anniversary bash where it all started at Urban Spree on November 18th, and/or artists featured on the Los Angeles x Berlin compilation to be released by Springstoff on the exact D-day, December 12th.
Warm thanks to our hosting station Reboot FM, to all the ultra talented artists we work with, to all our supporters, partners, and of course to the audience!

In and outro by Andreas Krach
Bison Rouge - Felice
The Allegorist - Humandroid
Peter Kirn - Don’t Know What I’ll Do When You’re Gone
Mentrix - 99 Names
Perera Elsewhere - All of This
Khadija - Relaxation
Rainbow Arabia - FM Sushi
Ivory Fields - Blasted
Obi Blanche - Paid:h
Conscious Summary - Sad Pepper in Ankara
Luka Fisher & Friends - No Time for Names (extract)
Kyoka - Spoiled 130BPM
VLQR - It’s Time to Have Fun with Time
Local Suicide - Whispering (Adana Twins remix)
Sarah Kivi - What Am I?