Who needs democracy when politicians can just choose for us, billionaires can buy up the few spaces regular folks can build reach, and the cities are sinking anyway! We’re rounding up the latest in anti-fascist news across the UK, USA, Germany and sinking cities across the world. Hosted by Diana Arce (she/her), and Tina Lee (she/her). Brought to you by Artists Without a Cause , Wählen Gegen Rechts and Migration Voter.

International Round-up:
- Unbias the News launched the project Sinking Cities, giving a true globla perspective on the climate crisis and how it’s affecting major cities around the globe!

Germany Round-up:
- Fraag Den Staat & ZDF’s Royale publish the intellgence report - NSU Files, which were suppose to be classified for 120 years which probe the german domestic intellegence agency and their failure to act against the National Socialist Underground (NSU).

- The intelligence report is available here in german

Billionaires Round-up:
- FTX Crypto scandal also shows how CEOs altruism to get more investors but they’re likely funding a neo fascist capitalists who are out the destroy the world CEO using altruism to get more investors but we’re likely funding a neo fascist capitalist
And look what this idiot did with some of the money -

- Billionaires are responsible for the million times more emissions than the normal person.

- Tech companies mass layoffs worldwide, yet CEOs/owners are richer than ever

- & ugh, Twitter

USA Round-up:
- We’re talking about the results of the US Midterms and why the results are what they are


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