Exactly what you want: a mixed bag of treats! The good, the sweet, the bitter, the mellow. This episode contains a little energy boost, but also a relaxed breeze. We hunt for a different 909 sound and dive into the deep end of experimentation with this incredible instrument: the human voice. We check out the first and forward to the latest. For some a spiritual encounter, for some the weekend, for others a lifetime of all the colors at once. Another monkey in the boat, and we sail away on electronic waves. The pod is celebrating one year of existence! Here’s a cheers to a new beginning.

John Tejada - Forced Fiction
Björk - Hunter
Anja Schneider - I Care For You
DMX Crew - Spiritual Encounter
Kate Bush - Watching You Without Me
iamamiwhoami - 3-
Hector Rottweiler - BLOK [MONOLITH]
Jamie Lidell - Compaction Blues
Paulina Anna Strom - I Still Hope
Laurel Halo - Holoday
Holly Herndon - Fear Uncertainty Doubt
Heidi Mortenson - Mellow Tron