YMA is still celebrating the release of the Los Angeles x Berlin compilation on Springstoff plus its opensource soundpack and NFT, this month again with a B2B2B show mixed by Berlin sound artist Kyoka and LA DJs/producers Kosmik (The Black Lodge) and Nomadico (aka Dex from Underground Resistance). You will also notice their joined track in the mix, their Spoiled 130BPM remix is available on the compil.
More info about the artists and the LP via

Kathleen Battle - Where’er You Walk
Lazy Flow - The Chaâbi Ha
Lakker - Reeds
Nerkkirn - How to Judge Premonitions
Szare - Miner
Warda - Har’ramt Ahebak
Hanubis - Dish
Bizz OD & Nerk - Runway
Nerkkirn - Hyperbolic
Lakker - Antikythera Mechanism
Kyoka - Spoiled 130BPM, Kosmik + Nomadico remix (LA x Berlin compilation)
Fashion Flesh - Rubber Mountain (BL007 forthcoming on Black Lodge)
Traxx x Turtle Bugg - Tuning Circuits for a Revolution
Jeff Mills - The Big Deal
Silent Servant - Raw Optics
Robert Bergman - Track III (Brew Records 08)
Frequencia - Fall Traxx (Black Lodge 001)
DJ Dex - Blight
Trackhead Steve - After You
Gene Hunt - Untitled (Wild Dance EP)
DJ Emanuel - This is Fresh
JessBeatz - Alien Invasion
Santiago Salazar - Más Violencia