“At first he said he was quite alone. There was no one at the beach. It was the afternoon, with a few clouds in the sky. He was dressed in some sort of clothing but wasn’t sure what it was. Sandals were on his feet, but not any that he possessed now or had before. He thought he was wearing some kind of shirt and shorts, probably green, or perhaps it was a bathing suit, but one with a top or one-piece from shoulders to thighs […]

He was walking along the beach and could see everything in vivid and sharply delineated detail. He kept using the word ‘extraordinary’. He thought there were houses somewhere in the neighbourhood, and then was certain that there were but that they weren’t visible because of their being beyond the edge of near-by cliffs.”

GM Glaskin, “Windows of the Mind: Exploring the Christos Technique of Mind Travel” 1974

Featuring mutilations of*:

The Ondekoza Kagura
Batir Bayan (from Kazakhstan: Music of Almaty)
Current 93
Jon Hassell
Dead Voices on Air
Tape excerpts from “Murmurs of Earth”
Klaus Schulze
Anne Gillis
David Sylvian & Holger Czukay
Thunderbird Records Presents: Indian Songs of the Southwest
Georgian voices (can’t read the record cover)
Nase Pjesme: Musik aus Gabela, Herzegowina, Jugoslawien
Estrella Artau

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