Jack is building a new council estate house in East London. Read More

Disco music hits a time wall in the mid 80ies, let’s go back now and recycle, gathering and examining information about the forgotten future of electronic dance music. Read More

Infinite Livez rinses out your music on live on air!! It will be a show of 100% submitted music so look out for some exclusives and genuine CORKERS in all that’s bleepy, glitched aInfinite Livez rinses out your music on ...Read More

Mit Markus Detmer aka DJ Monsieur Croque. Ein staubgoldener Rückblick auf die Veröffentlichungen der vergangenen Monate und Ausblick auf 2015. Mit dabei: Ensamble Polifonica Vallenato und Sexteto La Constelación De Colombia, die Meridian Brothers, Family Fodder, Klangwart, Mixed Band Philanthropist und ...Read More

Moderation: Juliana da Costa José, bildende Künstlerin und sexpositive Feministin und Netzaktivistin Thema: Prostitution und Politik der Gegenwart Gäste: Sonja Dolinsek, Feministin und Historikerin mit Schwerpunkt Frauengeschichte Fabienne Freymadl, Eventmanagerin und politische Sprecherin des Bundesverbandes Sexwork Deutschland Read More

The Ethiopian Son by Martin Gambarotta &; The X Static Tics for radia.fm from (Worm/Klangendum). A collaboration that was staged during the Poetry International festival between the Argentine poet Gambarotta and X Static Tics (also known under names like Worm Sound ...Read More

Coming up: Rent controls are coming, but they might have some unwanted side effects. We'll tell you why it's better to get a job in West Berlin than in the old East. And there's some bad news for anyone wanting to open ...Read More

Recorded in a forest close to Berlin, this latest unedited substrat radio examines aspects of the Earth Coding project; a literal attempt to bootstrap or encourage the earth itself to create technology, to begin to code. An attempt is made to ...Read More

If you have had all the devices at your hand, available, checked, tested and tested again; if you had the practice mastered, if you have tried it many times; if you were all well trained, very experienced. You could think ...Read More

Worldwide Maydan #11 puts the “Worldwide” back into the Maydan, with a vengeance. Worldwide Maydan gets down with ISIS, Gaza, submarines, airplanes, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia, lethal viruses, villains and superheroes (real and fictitious), who might just save the day… ...Read More