An International Women's Day broadcast that brings together two crucial women from CHEAPs cosmos – with some accompaniment by Billy Bragg and the band Ruth Fischer. Shortly before her death in 1961, Ruth Fischer was shopping for shoes in the ...Read More

Wir versuchen es jedenfalls - ob es geklappt hat, wird sich erst noch zeigen. Valie lässt sich Tarotkarten legen, den Kaffeesatz lesen und spricht mit einer Astrologin. Die Berliner Künstlerin Kathrin Günter ( hat ein eigenes Tarot entworfen - das ...Read More

Talking Feminisms celebrate four years on air! This month, International Women’s Day with intersectional voices! Read More

Because of the number of past releases Media Loca presents a maximum of music and a minimum of information. Artists are Lucrecia Dalt (with her latest release on Jan Jelinek’s label Faitiche „Winkel Pong“), FELIX KUBIN / Takt der Arbeit ...Read More

Suefo dj-producer-szervezõként és a Tilos Rádió mûsorkészítõjeként kapirgálja a zenebizniszt immár több mint másfél évtizede. A Savages y Suefo, The Worldstylers és a Sannan downtempo - nu jazz – swing - world music – chill out formációk tagja, ...Read More

HOERMASCHINE73 one hundred one thousand three hundred twenty-five pascal - a special about ether, atmosphere and atü. A standard ATMOSPHERE is a unit of pressure defined as 101325 PASCAL what was named some time ago named as ATÜ in ...Read More

*a broadcast of past protests and future hopes* tonight we are listening to snippets of protests, of demonstrations and of groups coming together, making their voices heard: loud and clear. we will be hearing a mix of ...Read More

Selected by TJ White Rabbit Playlist: GP0 Jingle Dub Syndicate - Rootsman / Ravi Shanker Jah Work - The Outsider Little Axe - Come Here Dog and Get Your Bone Low - Breaker (Dub Plate) Rammstein - Du Hast (Robo Bass Hifi Dub) Bauhaus - Here’s the Dub Jan ...Read More

Tonight on Female Frequencies: Kritzkom, Rona Geffen and Aschka check out some new experimental works from Latin America, one of Rona’s latest tracks and much more. We also discuss International Women’s Day on March 8, and ...Read More

Noch mal Lulu und Örbi!! Read More