John Barry - cutty sark Marianne Mendt - gute Lieder sind wie Pistolen Carole King - sweet seasons Ambrosia - you're the only woman Orpheus - I can make the sun rise The Young Rascals - it's wonderful Edison Lighthouse - every lonely day Dusty Springfield ...Read More

wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio (We!R) is an independent radioformat by Friends and Enemies. It was formed throughout the German Resistance. We aim to link regional social fights in an anticapitalist platform focusing on the selforganized fight of migrants ...Read More

This month, Cashmere Radio has the great pleasure to present: RADIO LACIS (Is the puppet a weapon or a comrade?) ‘If a generation existed ...Read More

Zur Frage der Gewalt - Wege zur Kommune: der Riot von Hamburg Nach dem G20 Gipfel in Hamburg ist die Gewaltdebatte wieder ausgebrochen. Während die Herrschenden die militanten Akteure von Hamburg als Terroristen bezeichnet und das Plündern von Geschäften, ...Read More

Cashmere Nights — Music for the midnight hours with Borusiade. Once a month, Cashmere Radio broadcasts the finest music for the midnight hours on Whether you are venturing out or staying home on your Saturday night, our rotating ...Read More

Infinite Livez and Tex Royale rinse out your music live on air!! Expect a show of 100% submitted music. Look out for some exclusives and genuine CORKERS in all that’s bleepy, glitched and electrified. Read More

BASSTHEWORLD is a party series, exploring the experience of heavy subbass. BASSTHEWORLD Radio is helping dubstep sound to be heard in this city BASSTHEWORLD is joined by artists from all over the world BASSTHEWORLD Radio is also a supporter of ...Read More

Es ist Sommer! Es ist Zeit für neue Musik! Somit hier eine Sendung nur mit Sounds aus dem ICAS Projekt SHAPE-Plattform. SHAPE steht für ein vielgestaltiges Klanguniversum. Es steht für spannende neue Projekte aus dem Bereich der Musik ...Read More

It’s August but that doesn’t mean everyone’s on vacation. Boiband (pictured) are releasing an album, Popkultur is back with shows from Abra, Little Simz, Lady Leshurr, Tasseomancy and ...Read More

African Refugees fight back Sierra Leone United Association in Germany demands deportation stops and abolition of the Dublin System: “Freedom of movement for all!” More Info: Read More