Liza Blannelli presents an eclectic mix of new and recent music focusing on experimental, electronic, rap and abstract dance music. Special guest: Kodwo Eshun of The Otolith Group, chatting about their recent film ...Read More

The CISPM-Conference in Berlin 5th-8th of February: Report and evaluation The Murder of  Khaled Idriss Bahray: Interview and update on upcoming events --------------------------------------- Thema der dieswöchigen Sendung: Die CISPM-Konferenz in Berlin vom 05.02.- 08.02.: Bericht und Evaluation Der Mord an Khaled Idriss Bahray: Interview und ...Read More

Opening: Wednesday 28. January House of World Cultures, 19:00 What does the 'capture all' logic entail and what does it mean to live in an algorithmic world? How does the desired ‘full take’ shape not just the contemporary lived environment ...Read More

All the shows CTM has produced at! Read More

How do sounds and frequencies affect us? Through its Un Tune theme, CTM 2015 aims to engage with the direct bodily effects of frequencies, sound, and music as well as with their synergistic effects with other sensory stimuli. The ...Read More

UNTUNE EXHIBITION OPENING KKB Kunstraum Kreuzberg 23.1.2015 - 19:00 Exploring the power of modulating physical and mental states through phenomena such as ASMR, flicker, sensory substitution, psychoacoustics, neo-psychedelia, acoustic alarm response, inter-brain synchronisation, tactile disturbances and more, the featured artists ...Read More

Rumbalotte oder die (fast) maritimen Gedichte des Bert Papenfuß mit Musik von Bill Laswell / Little Axe / Dub Trio / Tarwater / Nonplace Urban Field / Fever Ray / the hidden sea / Alex Istschenko von feinden umringt röchelt störtebecker was uns umbringt macht ...Read More

The Otolith Group’s work investigates the histories and potentials of science fiction and Tricontinentalism. In their essay film Medium Earth, The Otolith Group explores the earthquake endangered geology of California as well as the spatialized unconscious of ...Read More

Detroit based Gary Martin has released records since 1993, using aliases such as Gigi Galaxy and Mole People. As a long time fan of his deep and vibrant productions, Mo Loschelder is having him over at Media Loca today. Teknotika ­ ...Read More

*Bands **Klatsch ***Ausgehtipps Katacombo - Konjunktur für Denksportarten (26.3.1999 Maria Bathtub Theory - Explode ( 6.12.2014 Antje Oeklesund Guts Eye Pear shot -  estrella fugaz (tribute to manu chao) (11.12.2014  Marie Antoinette Oum Shatt - Silent Girl  ( 12.12.2014 Horns ...Read More