Dear Artists, Due to the ongoing war on copyright our valued long term sponsor, soundcloud, has been pressured to folllow the demands of larger record companies inforce a "three strike" policy for copyright infringement complaints. has received three strikes and ...Read More

Infinite Livez rinses out your music on live on air!! It will be a show of 100% submitted music so look out for some exclusives and genuine CORKERS in all that’s bleepy, glitched aInfinite Livez rinses out ...Read More

disco music hits a time wall in the mid 80ies, let’s go back now and recycle, gathering and examining information about the forgotten future of electronic dance music. Read More

Announcing the upcoming female:pressure Perspectives Festival on Friday September 25 at ://about blank in Berlin. Rona, Kritzkom and Aschka talk to special guest Tinker about her event, Gender and Genre on Sept. 10 in Berlin. Plus more great ...Read More

Mit Markus Detmer aka DJ Monsieur Croque. Eine Sendung mit Neuerscheinungen des Staubgold-Labels. Mit dabei: das Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Dennis Young, Klangwart, Jaki Liebezeit & Holger Mertin, The Cocoon und Family Fodder. Wie bei seinem Label und seinen DJ-Sets geht es Markus Detmer ...Read More

Neues Sozialberatung Mietberatung Volksentscheid - und Was Gibts? In Berlin herrscht Wohnungsnot. Nicht nur bei privaten Vermietern, sondern auch bei den städtischen Wohnungsunternehmen und bei Sozialwohnungen sind die Mieten unbezahlbar geworden. Selbst für Normalverdienende wird es auf dem ...Read More

BE scape for  by VMW (vincent Matyn-Wallecan) for Radio Panik, Brussels. Wether you’re about to, already have or will be listening to this piece, BE scape is a collage of recordings made at various places in Belgium on different moments ...Read More

November 1989 - Villa Magdalena k in Hamburg St. Pauli wird besetzt. Eine Sendung über harte Fakten und Emotionen in der Hamburger Hausprojektlandschaft. Was ist in der Villa Magdalena K seit dem geschehen und wie wird es weitergehen ...Read More

WITH DJ SEEKS SAME “I don’t feel right about this,’ Wyn-No-Nah whispered as they stood in line, waiting while Mad Madalaine drew the magic circle with the sword. “About what?” Aaron asked. “This,” she repeated. “The meeting. Something’s wrong.” Aaron studied the ...Read More

This soundtrack is a declaration of love to undead people personified in Otto, main zombie character of Bruce LaBruce’s “Otto, up with dead people”. Tense experimental electro-techno, and also melancholic vaporous tracks, even pop rock insertions, linked ...Read More