OUT OF THE PHAROAH’S VAULT / AUS DER GRUFT DESPHARAOS Einen Sonntag im Monat präsentiert der Deutsch-Palästinensiche Musiker Ghazi Barakat, auch als Pharoah Chromium in der internationalen Klangwelt bekannt, zwei Stunden übersinnliches Radio. Mit Hilfe des Sprechfunk mit Verstorbenen werden Schätze aus ...Read More

I based the idea on a very personal "return to self" which was symbolically but also quite literally connected to the sea as a place of my childhood, fascination with its sonic qualities and colour. This radio piece is imagined ...Read More

Am letzten Freitag, den 25. November haben wir die internationalistische Demonstration zum Internationalen Tag gegen Gewalt an Frauenbesucht und wir sind mitmarschiert, haben zugehört und aufgenommen. Die Schwestern Mirabel, die 1960 unter dem Diktator Rafael Trujillo in der Dominikanischen Republik ...Read More

Klaus Weiland - Das Loch in der Banane André Heller - Nur für dich Suzanne Doucet - Mein erster Weg Nana Mouskouri - Sur Les Quaies de Cherbourg Pete Jolly - Serenata Five Stairsteps - Don't Waste Your Time Marvin Gaye - Is That Enough Mark-Almond - ...Read More

“Everybody was going on about karma … But it occurred to me that karma is instant as well as it influences your past life or your future life … So the idea of instant karma was like ...Read More

These Girls These Girls: Riotmama Jacinta mit ihrem Stargast Frederic Valin reden über Pop und Feminismus, und die Tatsache, dass Feminismus bzw. Courtney Love leben rettet Read More

30.11.2019 B.K.A #74 (Sonnabend 30.11.2019 17-18h) Anna Thema FENSTER - HBW (live 18.1.2020 HAU. mit Moon Gear) Clappers - I ve changed (live 30.11.2019 Tennis Bar) XX - Test Me Sickerman/Angela Chambers - Anger Sick Marc Marcovic - ashokatam Johnny Zabala ...Read More

Ever since the Jim Jarmusch's Broken flowers came out, people have known a certain gifted musician from Ethiopia by the name of Mulatu Astatke and his wide footprint on the whole of old school Ethiopian Music; On this program, i ...Read More

Description: In this Episode part of the female animal series, host Nina Kettiger and poet Adrienne Herr are back together, to discuss the power of animal metaphors in Alice Notley’s poetry book “The Descent of Alette”. Track: Steven Halpern- ...Read More

Zhao brings contemporary and classic dance music together from all five continents, with focus on Africa. While his DJ sets reach from culture centers to remote areas of the globe, and from now back through the ages, DJ Zhao’s remix ...Read More