With / Mit: Diana McCarty, Elena Agudio, Katarzyna Wielga-Skolimoskwa, Carolin Nüser, Sima Reinisch, Judith Schulde, Georg Milz, Nepomuk Zettl The curatorial team reflects on the festival program. Das Kuratorenteam lässt das Programm des Festivals Revue passieren. Read More

Commission / Auftragsproduktion LA LECHE TRAVESTI is an experimental podcast produced by Jota Mombaça in collaboration with Ikí Piña and Slim Soledad. Together, they articulate a sonic space for self-distorted, transitional voices of rebellion, and dissent. In the final episode ...Read More

The Pan African Space Station and its pilot Ntone Edjabe (Chimurenga) present a fascinating mix of music, contexts and perspectives from their pan african radio station that made them tour the continent. Die Panafrikanische Raumstation und ihr Pilot Ntone Edjabe ...Read More

Natascha Nassir-Shahnian and Marc-André Schmachtel in discussion with Katarzyna Wielga-Skolimoskwa. Read More

Live-Performance via / über Radio Corax Der Komponist und Klangkünstler Hardi Kurda ist seit März Stipendiat der Radio Art Residency, die das Goethe-Institut gemeinsam mit Radio Corax (Halle an der Saale) zweimal jährlich ausrichtet. In seinem Radio-Projekt hinterfragt er die Legitimität ...Read More

Maya Ganesh has been working at the intersection of new media, digital technologies, gender, visual advocacy and activism and human rights as a researcher, writer, and information-activist. She spent the past eight years with Tactical Technology Collective in Bangalore and ...Read More

Joy Frempong Felipe Salomon - Zufu live mix Read More

Michelle M. Wright discusses her notions of time and politics with Diana McCarty. She looks at how the heterogenous relations between discordant conceptions of time and temporality can be understood as being ‘erratically’ structured, that is, as marked by inherent ...Read More

The Internet has changed the way we make, share and listen to music. Now, more than ever, female and non binary artists should have the opportunity to be heard on their own terms. But what are the effects of algorithm ...Read More

A Tropical mix of cumbia, dub, electro and more. Take a dance break in the park, let the sun shine on you and think about the future you want once there is no need for physical distancing. Mother Cyborg is ...Read More