Gespräch über das neue Frankfurter Blog Projekt von Achim Sczepanski anlässlich seiner Buchvorstellung bei B_Books. "Kinky Non-Ökonomie versus Postmoderner Hegelmarxismus?" „Kapitalisierung Bd 2. Non-Ökonomie des gegenwärtigen Kapitalismus“ versus „Das Geld als Maß, Mittel und Methode: Das Rechnen mit der Identität der ...Read More

Show 529: double trouble (XLAIR) Posted on 2015/05/18 by dieter This show has two parts: PART 1 (0’00″-11’00″) Départ, Arrivée by Amber Meulenijzer, Lukas De Clerck, Lise Bonduelle Temperature influences the speed at wich sounds travels. We created a space where it gets colder and colder at ...Read More

In der elften Folge von ENDZEIT FREQUENZ lassen Volkan T error & Toby Dope die Cowboys tanzen. Ein volles Bleigewitter Western Musik aus den Filmen Mein Name ist Nobody, San Sebastian, Die fünf Geächteten, Die Glorreichen Sieben, Todesmelodie, Django, 12 ...Read More

The 36th edition of substrat features an extended series of recordings selected as influences and common groundings - in response to Jeff Kolar's request for such a play list broadcast yesterday as a Sketchpad on WGXC. PLAY_LIST: Artist: Leif Elggren Track: MUMPS Artist: Valentina ...Read More

In the constant travel, or rather permanent movements, we are visiting many places, sometimes for a very short period of time, for a glitch of time. This is a short encounter, mostly as usual through the sound-scape of the place. ...Read More

Tonight, the program that has been brainwashing you with paranoid political scenarios, conspiracy theories and apocalyptic visions of the future for well over 2 years is unexpectedly going depoliticized. Listen to the usually insane mash-up of classical, ethnic, rock, pop ...Read More

Sascha Kösch (* 1965 in der Nähe von Köln) ist ein Berliner Journalist und als DJ Bleed im Bereich der elektronischen Musik tätig. Er war Mitbegründer, -herausgeber und Geschäftsführer der Zeitschrift de:Bug. Zuvor und daneben schrieb er für Frontpage, Spex, Telepolis, ...Read More

Pre-Hispanic indigenous rhythm roots, influence from African sciences of the drum, Shamanic sounds from atop the Peruvian mountains and deep in the Amazonian jungle... These describe parts of this new electronic music known loosely as Tribal Guarachero. This mix comprises ...Read More

Can "Khan" Oral, born of Turkish-Finnish parents in Frankfurt/M works and lives as a music- and film-music producer, performer, actor and visual artist in Berlin since 2002. Living in New York from 1992-2002 he owned the electronic record shop Temple Records ...Read More

B.K.A. - Bands. Klatsch, Ausgehtipps mit DJ Anna mit Eleganter Rest, Fuchsteufelswild, Hypnodrone Ensemble, Allie, Prairie, Jolly Goods, u.v.a. Hypnodrone Ensemble - Hypnodrone (live am 31.5. im Tiefgrund/ Zukunft) Prairie - Elle See (2/15. Shitkatapult) Fuchsteufelswild - another eight steps backwards (Live am 6. ...Read More