Turbulence by JD Zazie The first part of the radio program will present the sound pieces listed in the following playlist, played in sequence. During the second hour they will be mixed by the skilled hands of DJ JD Zazie. Playlist * Larry Austin ...Read More

As radio programmes can time travel, this show comes from Radiocamp, Bodensee, in the year 3019. The inclusive, intergalactic nature of the camp is expressed through the many languages, human and otherwise, that tell this story. Created by Haya Al Sawaf, Henning ...Read More

no eXotik! no turistiK! radioshow since 2001 - ‘Make Ultra States Great Again Terror’ 1915 TAG X STRIKES BACK // DIE NATIONALE INTERNATIONALE 2023 GANG / MiLLi iRADE TERAKKi CEMMiYETi 2071 - * H.Pamboukjian & Ruzanna - Garnan Xaxerov Ari * 2/5Bz & Rapzan Belagat - Know ...Read More

Miniments - this is what Roy Menachem Markovich calls his sculptures. Harmless, tiny, and minimental as they are, they will never ever become monumental. However, they are numerous. Sneaking from the bottom, and loaded with history`s luggage (Markovich), they involve ...Read More

In Berlin hat jedes Kind ein Recht auf einen inklusiven Schulplatz. Gleichzeitig sollen neue Förderschulplätze geschaffen werden. Wie passt das zusammen? Wie sieht die Umsetzung des Ziels der Inklusion in der Realität aus? Welche Ideen und Visonen gibt es für ...Read More

1.DEz. 2019 I based the idea on a very personal “return to self” which was symbolically but also quite literally connected to the sea as a place of my childhood, fascination with its sonic qualities and colour. This radio piece is ...Read More

ENDZEIT FREQUENZ #64 Free Corona V. Jazz (2020-03-08) In der ENDZEIT FREQUENZ Folge #64 spielen Volkan T error und Toby Dope ein paar Free Jazz Tracks. In diesem Sinne: Prepare yourself for Endzeit! www.endzeit-industry.com Read More

Radioart106_#124_Prison Without Trial Special broadcast for International Women’s day 2020 This is a reading of “Prison Without Trial”, a conference from January 2nd 2020, about the struggle against Administrative Detention of Palestinians by the Israeli state. The conference was organised by The ...Read More

_ Internationaler Frauentag special Edition _ Domingo / Sonntag / Sunday _ 08.03.2020 _ March 8th, 2020 21 - 22Uhr (Berlin) / 10.pm - 11.pm 17h - 18h (horário no Brasil) 20h - 21h (em Portugal) ...Read More

Sondersendung zum heutigen Internationalen Frauentag mit Fokus auf weibliche Sängerinnen und "female fronted bands". Von Soul zu Funk, von Disco zu Punk. Read More