CHEAP discuss with special guest and frequent CHEAP collaborator, musician John Blue who plays some live studio electronic cello music! The solipsistic CHEAP blabber turns on their own memories of significant music, from their teenage years to their club projects. ...Read More

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CHEAP discusses with special guest, dancer Beatrice Cordua (aka Trixie Schönherr). Cordua is currently touring with The Wanderers Piece by Nicole Seiler, which reflects on her career as dancer and her interactions with such people as John Neumeier, Pina Bausch, ...Read More

Too depressed to kill yourself. Dying on stage. Dying for art. Dying for Dalida. CHEAP discusses the proximity between death and artistic expression with their guest from Bangalore, artist and composer Yashas Shetty, who plays some fantastic live experimental music ...Read More

In 2007 CHEAP needed direction. So they asked Canadian queercore filmmaker Judy LaBruce to take the helm of their new stage production. You may think they were crazy to have turned to the reluctant pornographer for direction. Indeed, it was ...Read More

CHEAP Internet "You wanna know my story, babe. It's easy. This is the generation who grew up and forgot to lead their ...Read More

CHEAP Mazel is not CHEAP Mazel Tov. We're not congratulating anyone. Not ourselves. Not the city of Berlin for its menorah next to the Christmas tree at Brandenburg Gate. Not a city in the Middle East for being named the ...Read More

"You have never been in love/until you've seen the stars/reflect in the reservoirs." We have been in love, with each other, with films and music, with Los Angeles and with that world of possibility we carved out a public sphere ...Read More

CHEAP Funk marks the German film release of Bruce LaBruce's film The Misandrists (2017) starring CHEAP's fearless leader Susanne Sachsse as Big Mother by returning to its origins with a rare repeat broadcast of CHEAP Funk May Day 2016. Back ...Read More

This is Isabel coming to you from Radio Ragazza. Morgen ist Wahl in Deutschland. Morgen die Wahl. Heute die Flamme. CHEAP Flames. Born in Flames, a 16mm film from the early 1980s by Lizzie Borden. Nach der Wahl ist vor ...Read More