1 Jupiter’s 528Hz Connection (Solfeggio & binaural beats) 2 Three Girls - Stargard (1978) 3 Secret Friend - Paul McCartney (1980) 4 Generation (edit) - Anarchic System (1975) 5 Waltz For Interbeings - Bo Hansson (1976) 6 Visions - Richard Schneider ...Read More

disco music hits a time wall in the mid 80ies, let's go back now and recycle, gathering and examining information about the forgotten future of electronic dance music. direct drive - time is running out (1982) benedek - cold flame bt express - ...Read More

disco inferno #23 - Cote d'Azur 84 Teaser (instrumental) - Tony Lee Un fait divers et rien de plus (instrumental) - Le Club Shout! (Instrumental) - JM Black Polar (Instrumental) - Bernard Guyvan Il ...Read More

Tracklist: Twist (Round 'N' Round) - Chill Fac Torr (1983) Born to Boogie    - Steve Watson (1981) Weekend (Original 12" Version) - Class Action (1983) The Key (Dub Version) - Wuf Ticket (1983) Mr DJ  (instrumental) - Wish (1983) Every way but loose (instrumental) (larry ...Read More

tracklist: Thanya - Freedom (instrumental) (1982) I-Level - Give me (instrumental) (1982) Archie Bell & The Drells - Dont Let Love Get You Down (1986) Poor Boy Rappers - Low Rider Rap (Instrumental)(1982) Chemise - She Can't Love ...Read More

Skyy - Call me (disco forensics edit)(1980) Lime - Come and get your Love (disco forensics edit)(1982) Gary's Gang - Makin' Music (instrumental dub)(1983) Sharon redd - Beat the Street (instrumental)(1982) Rocker's Revenge feat. Donnie Calvin - Rockin' on Sunshine (instrumental)(1982) Claudia Berry - Sweet ...Read More

Shoc Corridor - Sargasso Sea (1982) Nightless - crazy nights (remix)(1983) Tuga - Drunk Driving (Instrumental)(1984) Raw Silk - Just In Time And Space (Dub)(1983) The Maniacs - Sweet Ladies (Joey Negro Edit)(1983) Sharon Redd - Beat The Street (Instrumental)(1982) ...Read More

PLAYLIST Laurie Spiegel - East River Dawn (1977) Nick Straker Band - A Little Bit Of Jazz (1981) State Of Grace - That's When We'll Be Free (Instrumental) (1982) Surface - Falling In Love (Instrumental)(1983) Inner Life - Make It Last Forever (Instrumental)(1981) Tracy Weber - ...Read More

Rose Royce - R.R. Express (intro)(1981) Gang Gang - To Get Kinky with Me (instrumental) (1983) Patrick Simmons - So Wrong (instrumental) (1983) Sensation - Lovergirl (instrumental)(1985) Vicky D. - The Beat is Mine (Instrumental)(1982) Bobby Nunn - Private Party (Instrumental)(1983) West Phillips - Sucker for ...Read More

tracklist: Captain Sky - Station Brake (Innermission) (1981) Michael Watford - For Your Luv (Latest Craze Instrumental)(2010) Kerri Chandler - Club House Chicken (1989) The Paul Simpson Connection - Use Me, Lose Me, Reprise Me (1983) Electra feat. Tara Butler - Feels Good (Instrumental) ...Read More