17:00-18:00: SOUND AS DIVINITY WITH Luis Pérez Ixoneztli. Episode 3: THE MAYAN CITY OF PALENQUE WITH Luis Pérez Ixoneztli American civilizations were ravaged by European invasions and so was their sacred vehicle to communicate with the divine: music. Still, remnants are ...Read More

OUT OF THE PHAROAH’S VAULT / AUS DER GRUFT DES PHARAOS Einen Sonntag im Monat präsentiert der Deutsch-Palästinensiche Musiker Ghazi Barakat, auch als Pharoah Chromium in der internationalen Klangwelt bekannt, zwei Stunden übersinnliches Radio. Mit Hilfe des Sprechfunk mit Verstorbenen werden Schätze ...Read More

This sound piece is created with sounds recorded on the roads of Belgium, the Alps and Lapland. « Walking is the best way to go slower », says the philosopher Frédéric Gros. We need to find slowness again, to anchor our ...Read More

SUNDAY 11.10.2020: 17:00-18:00: SOUND AS DIVINITY WITH Luis Pérez Ixoneztli. Episode Two: MAKING MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS The first encounters with music by prehistoric humans were based on their deep observations of the already-existing rhythms and landscapes created by the interacting sounds of ...Read More

präsentiert von der lebenden Repetiermaschine Rex Joswig Read More

HOERMASCHINE86 will do voodoo with Woodrow Wilson in a city which had his name for few months somewhen in the first half of the twentieth century - or was it yesterday? Read More

Radio adaptation of the vinyl record « Sounds of silence » by Matthieu Saladin, Patrice Caillet et Adam David. (Frac Franche-Comté / Alga Marghen, avec le soutien des éditions Incertain Sens, 2013) Radio Grenouille-Euphonia production team : Jean-Baptiste Imbert, Chloé Despax, Margaux Wartelle, ...Read More

In der ENDZEIT FREQUENZ Folge #70 Ausgetanzt unterhalten sich Volkan T error und Toby Dope über die aktuelle Lage im Nachtleben und der Kulturbranche. In diesem Sinne: Prepare yourself for Endzeit! www.endzeit-industry.com Read More

For this 78th edition, we follow two anonymous foragers through the wilds of Tegeler Forst in search of edible mushrooms. Read More

17:00- 18:00 SOUND AS DIVINITY with Luis Pérez Ixoneztli Join us on this sonorous travel tracing a number of archaeological musical artifacts native to Mesoamerica before the arrival of the Europeans, and journey with Luis Perez Ixoneztli into the ...Read More