for from Radio Xlair, Brussels. The XLair’s URLUteam is back on the radia waves with this 28′ excerpt of a one hour live improvisation show. Starring Lukas with his DIY flutes and Gerald with his loops and effects. XXXXXX——RADIOSNAKE——XXXXXX Read More

this time with exerpts from the ausland site specific sound intervention by Julie Faubert and with music and texts from the past and next weeks at ausland Freies Künstlerradio aus Berlin. Kunst, Diskurs & elektronische Musik - UKW 88,4 MHz in ...Read More

How the Concert Party Came About as Told by David Dontoh In the summer of 2015 Jana Sotzko and Anna Bromley met actor and playwright David Dontoh in Accra. As David Dontoh happened to be the president of ...Read More

Post-Internet Mythologies feat. Tianzhuo Chen Post-Internet Mythologies is the fourth exhibition chapter presented by the curatorial duo Karma Ltd. Extended which took over Acud Galerie in Berlin Mitte for a seven exhibition-chapters through 2018. Post-Internet Mythologies ...Read More

Rex Joswig aka TJ White Rabbit presents a selection of finest dub feat. the likes of Coldcut & On-U Sound, Chassy Wezar, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Roger Robinson, The Chemical Brothers, Rob Smith, Massive Attack, Twinkle Brothers & Trebunia Family, Automat, ...Read More

ecclectic mix as usual from classic to elektro rock to ethno and always a grain of poetry Wiederholung von der Sendung vom 18.10.2015 Read More

Excerpt from Ptičji Mozak The presented material is an auditory stream of 4 compositions - a segment of the recent sound work by the audiovisual artist, poet and linguist Blaž Božič, released under alias SsmKOSK in the form of an album ...Read More

In der ENDZEIT FREQUENZ Folge #53 spielt Toby Dope die wunderschöne Musik des italienischen Komponisten Ennio Morricone. In diesem Sinne: Prepare yourself for Endzeit! Read More

2/5BZ played new set “Destroy Hipsthors” @ Unfuck The System / Praxis Floor, Kili/Void 19.5.2018 Berlin - organized 90s free rave party scene “Spiral Tribe” on 6 floors .Praxis floors at this party with special guests Ingler, 2/5BZ & DJ ...Read More

Das KOMODROM war von der vogelhochzeit vorzeitig aufgebrochen und hatte die nacht in einem baumhaus verbracht - bis die dicke, eitle amsel aufgetaucht war.. wie geht es weiter - mitten in der nacht - mit dem urbanen fabelwesen? neue fragen, neue antworten? ...Read More