HOERMASCHINE76 will follow the maschkera, the masks through some path into a garden where a hive of bees will be discovered. Is there something to learn from? Read More

With HOERMASCHINE 41we do sit on a red chair looking through the bars to the miraculous land of mirapolis: gargantua, rabelais, bogdanov, soundscapes … or did we just hear that somebody told: “according to anna nikolaevna, in socialist society the class ...Read More

sayings, thoughts, institutions and highly-paid professionals - HOERMASCHINE25 today with an worldwide exported economic hit or better said a bunch of them - and with the original economic hit man john perkins. fiat, books and money - HOERMASCHINE26 will dive ...Read More

HOERMASCHINE75 will stare at the empty billboards where our minds are moulded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested - mainly by men we have never heard of. Read More

HOERMASCHINE74 is gliding through berlin and picking up stories from anarchistic thoughts, fights and plans from future and past. Read More

HOERMASCHINE73 one hundred one thousand three hundred twenty-five pascal - a special about ether, atmosphere and atü. A standard ATMOSPHERE is a unit of pressure defined as 101325 PASCAL what was named some time ago named as ATÜ in ...Read More

HOERMASCHINE72 is starring in the past almost forgetting the future: what amazing poisoning stories and hard facts one will come across diving backwards Read More

HOERMASCHINE71 will slip into the forecast of a bunch of economic experts and their advocacies for this year and the next season as a handout for the insurance industry. Read More

HOERMASCHINE70 will follow the everyday life 24/7 of M and B, let's say you and me. What M and B, you and me are thinking of each other - can we stand another hour? But is that all there is? Read More

HOERMASCHINE69 is listening to stories of 1683, the creation of an intelligence service for the middle east end of 19th century, the intriguing music of the saz, seances and insights into coffee and other cultural goods. Excerpts of a theatrical ...Read More