HOERMASCHINE61 will try to listen to divers sculptures in the public space, to nature's enclaves within the cities' almost fortified spaces, the upcoming gathered communities - a radiophonic soundscape about public art. HOERMASCHINE61 is following some traces at the SKULPTUREN ...Read More

HOERMASCHINE60 will slip into a secret garden up in the north and behind seven circles of a wall it will discover a whole world of cities, plants, woods and suns. Read More

did you ask yourself already: what to produce, how to produce, to whom to produce? the most recent HOERMASCHINE will share these questions with you and try to measure the unlimited wants ... Read More

HOERMASCHINE58 will bear witness of an on air hostage-taking or just a take over of reboot.fm by ARCHIE ARCHIVE. it’s about mnemosyne, blurred boxes like our memory and other souvenirs … Read More

from yesterday’s tomorrow - HOERMASCHINE 57 is diving another time into archives or why did mister rimbaud stop writing? sounds by marti, huber, strobl, mlphilippsen, texts by rimbaud and others - performed in zurigo and berlin. (it’s the short version of ...Read More

HOERMASCHINE56 is dealing with the crude oil matrix where reality is stranger than fiction as reality is more or less out of plastic. and the fictional part has incorporated the question if we are the puppets or the puppet master, ...Read More

HOERMASCHINE 55 tries to explore how to run the world without politics or how to became a landlord or just how to be fucking rich or why everybody should follow the logic of the market. Read More

is one of divers radio projects by HOERMASCHINE, RADIOEREVAN and mlphilippsen; it popped up some years ago in the radio/television tower above Geneva and within the serie of HOERMASCHINE in 2014. Back after some years it is ...Read More

HOERMASCHINE54 tries to tell the story of two brothers, cain and abel, one form the middle east, the other one from a western country - and the invention of a very special former unknown weapon … Read More

HOERMASCHINE53 wanna scan what will avoid radical changes; will be not optimistic but statistic; will try to understand how one can fink the world; will tell the wonders of aladdin. Read More