,,Am besten, man lebt in einer nicht zu schönen Gegend. Weil einem sonst nichts einfällt.” - Thomas Bernhard Wie sieht eine Dystopie aus? Ist sie ein Ort, den wir noch nicht erkennen oder leben wir schon in einer Dystopie? Was passiert ...Read More

Tune into the 60th edition of LAUTSTROM! Anna Bromley invited art critic and writer An Paenhuysen who has a specific sensitivity for flash stories. As 60 minutes do not really make a short format, the broadcast will present a cut-up ...Read More

OUT OF SPACE - OUT OF TIME / with poems by Edgar Allan Poe / präsentiert von der lebenden Repetiermaschine Rex Joswig aus dem Jenseits der Unterhaltung mit der Musik von: Suns Of Arga - Govindas Dream Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal (The Bug ...Read More

Hommage to Gerard Couty my wonderfull friend who passed away…. http://frigobellevue.net/ Read More

This performance art workshop, organized by Le Bruitagène, took place at the second Utopie Sonore manifestation, a sound and radio residence near Angers in France at the end of August 2017. A dozen people participated in addition to the fourty people ...Read More

The equilibrium, respectively layers which have changed in the Golden Age and the increasingly escalating and booming 3rd warfare of shares of the bosses among themselves. In this new age, any persons who trip up both sides with their existence ...Read More

{SOUND PORTRAITS RADIO} Episode #3: LAURIE SPIEGEL Laurie Spiegel is an American composer and a humanist software developer. Composing musical works, as well as the programs used to create them, Spiegel is celebrated for her seminal albums “Unseen Worlds” and “The Expanding ...Read More

das KOMODROM ist in einer neuen urbanen gegend gelandet. Hier flanieren elegante heuschreckendamen an der promenade. In einem gekachelten hochhaus trifft das KOMODROM in der eingangshalle auf mehrere aufgebrachte hausbewohner. was wird geschehen? neue fragen, neue antworten. am mikrophon: yelka wehmeier ...Read More

A collaboration between borders, Radio XLair In a Europe that gets more and more closed from inside, the URLUteam decided to make a 6 hand piece with one motto : Far/Etranger/Vreemd. Exploring the way we look at each other, knowing that it's ...Read More

Symbiotic ur-networks of silent fungal and root chatter, earth vibration, named chemical gradients tasted by rooty and human tongues fruit forest-wide in fairy rings, rising up in form and outgrowing Jodrell bank and Arecibo, outclassing them unknown in bringing down the stars to Earth. This ...Read More