If we could hear the voice of nature, what would it say? And could humans use technology to strengthen their connection with nature? Starting with the music and letting this guide the story, the Assisi Machine is a thrilling murder mystery ...Read More

In der ENDZEIT FREQUENZ Folge #48 läßt Toby Dope die orientalisch meditativen Klänge sprechen. Gespielt wird Musik von Sheikh Hamza Shakkыr & Ensemble Al-Kindо, Djivan Gasparyan, Hussein Mohamed Aly, Bijan Chemirani und Azam Ali. In diesem Sinne: Prepare yourself for Endzeit! www.endzeit-industry.com Read More

A fresh ottoman seasoning is poured into the populist discourse of the government –a discourse, getting more authoritarian in darker shades. While reproducing the legitimacy of the government, this seasoning is mixed not only into the foreign policy soup, but into ...Read More

Tracklisting (Text recitals in brackets) jayrope - Unknown dictaphone recording Stimmen der Vögel Zentralasiens - Eterna [Flann O'Brian: Der dritte Polizist] Spiritczualic Enhancement Orchestra - Transporting Salt - Side A (Pudel Club) [Flann O'Brian: Der dritte Polizist] Tomita: The Old Castle The Hired Hand: Ending [Peter Waterhouse: Sprache, ...Read More

Das KOMODROM war von der vogelhochzeit vorzeitig aufgebrochen und hatte die nacht in einem baumhaus verbracht - bis die dicke, eitle amsel aufgetaucht war.. wie geht es weiter - mitten in der nacht - mit dem urbanen fabelwesen? neue fragen, neue antworten? ...Read More

During the shortest night of 2018, ten students from bauhaus.fm set out to make slow radio from various locations in the city of Weimar in Germany. The recordings of these six hours are chopped up and recombined ...Read More

Coinciding with seasonable and unseasonable, recorded and experienced, local and global heat waves, this episode presents paired recordings. The first, reflects the local temperature induced breakdown of an audio mixer. The second, the replay in smoke, dust and vibrations of ...Read More

HOERMASCHINE69 is listening to stories of 1683, the creation of an intelligence service for the middle east end of 19th century, the intriguing music of the saz, seances and insights into coffee and other cultural goods. Excerpts of a theatrical ...Read More

The practice of sound can be conceived, thought and realized in a body, in a spirit, an author, an artist. But the sound can also be shared. And what’s better than the pleasures of the mouth to get in touch with the ...Read More

In der ENDZEIT FREQUENZ Folge #41 läßt Toby Dope mal wieder nur die Musik sprechen. Gespielt wird Musik von Somos 21 ft. Ismael Miranda, Joe Bataan, El Gran Pacheco, Willie Colon, Buena Vista Social Club, Tito Puente And His Orchestra ...Read More