Hello! This is a test. Mark Leahy All sat frozen and watched the screen. Code is used when secrets are sent. Three for a dime, the young peddler cried. They told wild tales to frighten him. The core material for this project began ...Read More

“IRIDE PROJECT” are Massimo Davi and Monica Miuccio. A duo and a journey through Non-Deterministic Electro-Acoustic Music and Sound Research in both Digital and Analogue domains. Massimo Holds a Master Degree in Music, he is a Sound ...Read More

16:00 - 17:00 Everything is Sound with Fossilised Frequencies Exclusively for SAVVYZΛΛR, Fossilised Frequencies presents an acoustic triptych entitled Everything is Sound. This three-piece sound sculpture starts with an hour soundscaping the plural worlds of language. You will hear a symbiosis ...Read More

This time, the RADIOEREVAN team follows a broom character through various states of her urban life and the idea of how city and country could form a symbiosis for a post-scarcity society. Read More

The way i see it, this should be a very dynamite show… Proudly presenting two hours covering some of the works of rock music only true composer in the classical sense of the word. 1 Part one Frank Zappa Lumpy gravy 2 Trouble Every Day Frank ...Read More

16:00 - 18:00 Summoning Invocations | Calling On Julius Eastman, Partitura I & II In honor of this year's MaerzMusik collaboration, where at SAVVY the tribute is to Halim El Dabh with 'Here History Began', we summon Julius Eastman anew and ...Read More

produced by Rex Joswig at Temporary Dub Station, Berlin 20/03/21 :: the never ending jukebox playlist: GP Null Jingle Space Radio Intro Rakim - Black Messiah (Bonus Track) !The Same - Ezra Pound Speaking From Rome Mark Stewart - Smokin’ Bowl (Redemption Remix) Konstantin Gropper & Alex ...Read More

HOERMASCHINE91 will rediscover the chorale of our inner voices where some of us aren't sure if it is just a dictation through the narratives of the past. Read More

Un projet radiophonique documentaire et musical. La composition musicale a été entièrement créée à partir de sons domestiques collectés chez les habitants du quartier qui ont ouvert leur porte pour nous faire partager leur son de prédilection, ...Read More

This episode returns to the roots of Substrat in concrete examinations of material and economic phenomena, in this case a certain form of mining. Read More