In July 2013 on the invitation of Radio Corax’s addicted2random festival Knut Aufermann and Tetsuo Kogawa created a duo performance, with Knut’s feedback electronics set inside the glass hall of the Händel house, and Tetsuo streaming his homemade AM transmitter ...Read More

A remix of the work (in German and English) commissioned by Radio Revolten featuring performers Ed Baxter (concept, texts, electronics), Adam Bushell (percussion), Marie Anne Fliegel (voice), Peter Lanceley (electric guitar, voice, songs), Kim Moore (viola), Joe Qiu (bassoon), James ...Read More

“The sublime revenge of being happy” composed and conducted by Paulo Chagas performed by Illustrious Unknown Creative Ensemble PAULO CHAGAS (Portugal) Composer, teacher and multi-instrumentalist, has dedicated his intervention to several strands of contemporary music, electro-acoustic, ambient, free improvisation, jazz and chamber music. Additionally ...Read More

“The density of being makes it promiscuous, always touching everything else, unconcerned with differentiation. Anything is thing enough to party.” – Ian Bogost “Alien Phenomenology, or What It’s Like to Be a Thing” Tony Whitehead is a field recordist from South ...Read More

Another Communist Horror Story is another communist horror story about child labour, deep mining, gold lust, human sacrifice and antediluvian entities lurking in the dark. Based on a true story. Set in Banská Štiavnica, Slovensko. By luvan In English, Slovak and French Many thanks to ...Read More

The Radia Network emerged from a series of meetings, clandestine events, late night club discussions and a lot of email exchanges between cultural radio producers across Europe. The topics vary and the ...Read More

This episode of Radia is the result of a workshop organised by Radio Panik in february 2017. During five days, the artist Laure Gatelier and the participants explored different ways of making radio, using voices, drawing scores, producing sounds, listening. ...Read More

‘The Last Shall be First’ In memory of Bobby Sands (1954-1981) 2017. Asher-Zax direct their machines at the occupation. 69 years of Israeli state occupation of Palestine. Recorded Live at the Plaster in Haifa, 6th May 2017 3rd week of the Palestinian prisoners hunger strike. Texts ...Read More

Jo Burzynska – who also works under the name Stanier Black-Five – is an Australasia-based sound artist and writer. Her audio work largely comprises soundscapes created by the manipulation of her own minimally processed environmental recordings. In a career that ...Read More

WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF… Dreams. Mysterious, bewildering, eye-opening and sometimes a nightmarish living hell: dreams are all that and much more. As you may know that dream and sleep is not the same thing so dreams and sleep facts are mentioned ...Read More