This emission presents a rough work first broadcast audibly in the catacombs of Paris on 13/1/2017 with thanks to Kevin. It is followed by six attempts to approximate the voices of angels using available and given structures ...Read More

Let the waters above the heavens fall, and the earth will yield its fruit. This emission presents two excerpts from a recent event at the Pharmacy Museum in Basel as part of the Shift Register project. The event investigated how human ...Read More

By such a dissolution and sublimation, the spirit is converted into a body and the body into a spirit. This episode or emission presents a largely unedited recording from a workshop conducted at Perte de Signal in Montreal in ...Read More

Let the waters above the heavens fall and the earth will yield its fruit This latest Substrat emission, almost alive from Montreal follows a few processes within the Dissolutions realm, exploring various distillations, circulations and sublimations of technology and its materiality. Read More

This edition features two recordings from a recent evening with myself, Kanta Horio and Minoru Sato at ftarri in Tokyo. Kanta's performance was both highly visual and aural, so we only feature Minoru and myself in the limited time here and in that ...Read More

DETECTION SOKOŁOWSKO re-presents one single surviving excerpt from a recording produced within a 12 hour duration detection experiment taking place at Brehmer's former Sanatorium in Sokolowsko, Poland.This apparatus made use of a simple, DIY laser interferometer to amplify (and record ...Read More

This edition dovetails a recording of a workshop in dissolution conducted at the Technoshamanism meeting in February of this year (with thanks to Fabi and Miga), with a few crow voices. Dissolution literally describes an earth-technological cycle of mineral extraction (copper, gold and silver ...Read More

The 40th edition of substrat radio entitled ENERGIES featuring recordings from Joyce Hinterding and David Haines. Having long been held under the spell and influence of Hinterdings electromagnetic and material works, we travelled to Sydney this year to take part in the Energie ...Read More

Thermos thermite presents a virtually unedited series of recordings from a recent two day Earth Coding workshop organised by Hebden Bridge's hacker space Bridge Rectifier. The recordings are made at the transition between moorland and woodland, between neolithic and mesolithic, between thermos and thermite. Read More

In the slow swarm of light they remain silent, luminous. Eyes in the place of eyes, Ears in the place of ears, tongues tasting chemical gradients across the fungal network of thread-like cells. A truly underground communications ...Read More