The latest Substrat in a series of atelier visitations invites artist Klaas Huebner to the river-side micro_research studio for chat and playback unravelling hidden sonic infrastructures, questions of improvisation and control and the subtle connections between elektro-smog, ceiling fans and ...Read More

The third Substrat in a series of atelier visitations joins artist Ioana Vreme Moser in her studio in Kreuzberg and to the site of some copper-bound crackling, animal, leathery leaves. We discuss her works which elegantly expand on the diagrammatic ...Read More

This latest Substrat marks the second of a new series of studio visits, discussions and test recordings in this case with Montreal-based Peter Flemming, pursuing the sounds, smells and language of fermentation and its unfolding, fizzling, marking and tasting within ...Read More

In Acid Songs we invite artist Kat Austen into the studio to discuss her material and sound works with water and ice emphasising experiential and empathic approaches to global scale climate disruption. In this episode we discuss and demonstrate her ...Read More is a series of direct broadcasts, straight from the very matter of fermentation: kimchi and salty gherkin. With thanks for inspiration to Peter Flemming and Asia Mekong in Berlin for kimchi! Read More

Episode 63 of Substrat Radio showcases a recording from 17 local/ worldwide soundartists to activate the Mycelial Network Society Patulin installation at Taipei Biennale. This installment ends with a short ambient recording - lone mushroom radio in a room. With ...Read More

Substrat 62 presents a sampling of crashes recorded over the last seven years. Crashes of both real and virtual machines are included: computers, microcontrollers, and audio hardware. Some crashes are accidental, others were encouraged with a knowledge gained from debugging ...Read More

Coinciding with seasonable and unseasonable, recorded and experienced, local and global heat waves, this episode presents paired recordings. The first, reflects the local temperature induced breakdown of an audio mixer. The second, the replay in smoke, dust and vibrations of ...Read More

This episode highlights a series of recordings and created audio inspired by a silver case encountered at an observatory or field station en route from Kilpisjärvi in Finland to Tromsø in Norway. The interior machinery of the box, its inside ...Read More

This episode presents some rough recordings in preparation for the Shift Register intervention at Tuned City festival in Ancient Messene at this moment. With many thanks to Carsten Stabenow and Jamie Allen. Read More