Turbulence #20 - Night Affinity by JD Zazie * Valentina Goncharova - Higher Frequencies - Recordings 1987-1991, Vol. 1 - Shukai * Taylor Deupree - Echo Affinity - VA - Field Works; Ultrasonic - Temporary Residence Limited * Felicia Atkinson - Night Vision, ...Read More

by JD Zazie Playlist * Valentina Vuksic - Tripping under Covid19 LIVE I and II - private collection * Caroline C Tallone (K Lì) - tOx#I - Heroines Of Sound jukebox * WIG - The Weight of All These Memories - Music for Birds ...Read More

by JD Zazie Playlist * Andrea Szigetvári - Jelzohang Szonatina * Alessandra Eramo - Borbottii * Ann Cleare - I am not a clockmaker either * Annea Lockwood - Buoyant * Cao Thanh Lan, Triptych Nr. 2 - Poolee * Anna Homler and Steve ...Read More

#17 - Solstice after party by JD Zazie * Gabi Schaffner - Movement I: Fazzoletto per un’ eternità - Fazzoletto per un’ eternità - Raw Audio Productions * Els Vandeweyer - Betonplaten Straat - Debut - 90% Wasser Records * Pauline Oliveros - Mnemonics ...Read More

TURBULENCE #16 - Whistling Bees by JD Zazie * Black To Comm ‎– Bees - Rückwärts Backwards - Dekorder * Lau Nau - Mooste - Nukkuu - Locust Music * Beijing NoiseLady - Shenggy's voice (excerpt) - Shenggy! - Self published * Shitmat - Badger ...Read More

by JD Zazie Ryoji Ikea - One minute ‎– An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / First A-Chronology 1921-2001, Vol 2 - Sub Rosa Akira Tamba - Etude Nr.2 - Archives GRM [2], L'Art De L'Étude - INA GRM Bertrand Dubedout ...Read More

Turbulence #14 - Walking Brick by JD Zazie The first part of the radio program will present the sound pieces listed in the following playlist, played in sequence. During the second hour they will be mixed by the skilled hands of DJ JD ...Read More

Compact version of all Turbulence radio shows broadcasted by JD Zazie until now. For this she mixed all twelve radio shows together. Enjoy the listening! Good night ladies and gentlemen. You will have noticed that it’s a bit hairy in the skies and ...Read More

TURBULENCE #12 Blossom In Your Time Capsule by JD Zazie * Hidegard Westerkamp - Cricket Voice - Transformations - Empreintes DIGITALes * Felix Hess - Palenque (excerpt) - Sasayaki - Edition Omega Point * Joan La Barbara - Dance Frame - Musique Concrète Soundtracks ...Read More

Good night ladies and gentlemen. You will have noticed that it’s a bit hairy in the skies and the wind is against us. We require a steep take off out of here and it will be tricky but hold on ...Read More