Kitchen Table Talks is a daily morning slot conceived as an informal and performative space for conversations around a kitchen table, to deliberate in a polyphonic way, on tactics to unsettle racist/homophobic/machist/transphobic structures we inhabit, on the possibility of repair, ...Read More

The vinyl archaeologist, publicist, musician and DJ Sebastian Reier from Hamburg has shown interest in Turkish pop from the 70s and 80s since ages. He has been touring as DJ for 10 years under the pseudonym Booty Carell. A tour ...Read More

Colleagues from Goethe-Institut discuss the program of the day: Heike Friesel (Accra) and Nadine Siegert (Johannesburg). Kolleg*innen des Goethe-Instituts besprechen das Programm des Tages: Heike Friesel (Accra) und Nadine Siegert (Johannesburg). Read More

LA LECHE TRAVESTI is an experimental podcast produced by Jota Mombaça in collaboration with Ikí Piña and Slim Soledad. Together, they articulate a sonic space for self-distorted, transitional voices of rebellion, and dissent. In EP. 2: The Source of Ekê, ...Read More

Musical interlude Read More

Stories like “the mermaid who climbed out of the Atlantic Ocean at night” or “the fisherwoman whose house has been swept twice by the sea”. Ponto dos Mentirosos - 'Atlas of a Village' combines stories, songs and sounds from the ...Read More

The band Nyangombe plays at the Latitude Festival. The tracks of their choice are inspired to play Kinshasa musically. The lyrics are in Lingala, French and English to share pictures of love, race, womanhood, war ecology and power struggles with ...Read More

Richard Pithouse is, amongst other, the editor of New Frame, the co-ordinator of the Johannesburg office of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research and an Associate Professor at the Wits Institute for Social & Economic Research (WiSER). He will be ...Read More

Memory culture has an important part in the process of constituting groups and communities. On the other hand, memory can also serve as a differentiating factor for the exclusion of large parts of society. Mark Terkessidis, migration researcher and author ...Read More

Bilgin Ayata, Edna Bonhomme and Maria Magdalena Campos Pons deliberate on the politics of abandonment and the hierarchies of lives in times of Covid-19. Addressing national public health system deficiencies and migration management policies, with sound and words a political ...Read More