THE JOURNEY OF THE EARTHWORM (RR) by GABI SCHAFFNER The earthworm travels on radio frequencies, earthy hacks and conglomerates of audio matter. S/he passes through mosquito clouds (yes, this earthworm can fly!), bird songs, thunderstorms, attends a Finnish summer theatre show, listens ...Read More

This month we've got fresh music from Berlin-based artists and visitors including Kabreet, Mikey Woodbridge, DJ Haram, Tygapaw and more. There's the Pink Waves ...Read More

Kodwo Eshun and Garnette Cadogan discuss Cadogan's essay "Walking While Black". The essay can be read here: Garnette Cadogan is a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies of Culture at the University of Virginia. Kodwo Eshun is a writer, ...Read More

“Man of image, trained as a visual artist, the sound is for me a textured material which moulds space and time. Electronic or concrete sounds, meeting of random and cycle, back and forth between dodecadecimal structures and games of mixed ...Read More

Die Gefahr der Optimistin-Bewegung / Die Gefahr der Goldene Generation-Bewegung Die Gefahr der Golden-Integration / Die Gefahr der Opinion-Leaders , Inan6666 , Yikila Yikila ,Bergen, Tepelek, Nom,Diskoteka, Zalim Delay,Sid Bas,Huriyet //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Motors of Golden Integration Germoney University Starts Seminars for Golden Generation Since the ...Read More

Palmovka, Budapest Palmovka is an organiser of the fancy BabaVanga label and performs constructive ambient in a looped manner, somewhere between the city and the forest near the lake. Tropikal Camel, (Arabstazy) Jerusalem HD Tropikal Camel can also be secretly called ...Read More

DBTR-Spezialsendung LIVE bei 88,4 MHz in Berlin & 90,7 in Potsdam mit Studiogast Sam James! aus der Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio studio in Kreuzberg! Read More

Heute! the Yo Sissy! Queer Music Festival bei Make Capitalism History summer special Read More

Valencia Vanessa Ramos, former member of and member of the Group of Sonora Research Peru, presents Musica Experimental en el Peru, a radio documentary that sheds light onto the experimental music scene in Peru, by bringing together the testimonies ...Read More

In der neunundzwangszigsten Folge von ENDZEIT FREQUENZ dreht sich alles um das Frankfurter Hardcore Techno Label PCP. Volkan T error wird einige Vinyls seiner PCP Sammlung spielen mit Anekdoten aus seiner Jugend in Frankfurt am Main. In diesem Sinne: Prepare ...Read More