TAKSİM FLORA BLEiPT '' Düşürdüğünüz bebekleri unutmadık öldürdüğünüz altı canı da unutmayacağız ! Korkmuyorum ben bir kadınım size karşı gelecek size kafa tutacak evlatlar doğuracağım ! Üç tane çocuk doğuracağım üçününde adını Mahir, Deniz, ...Read More

2/5BZ - NOTTOMAN GEZiLLA REVOLT 2013 TOUR . 2.11.13 Freiburg - 4.11.13 Fellbach - 5.11.13 Stuttgart - 8.11.13 Leipzig - 20.11.13 Berlin - 22.11..13 Berlin http://2-5bz.tumblr.com/post/59797370258/2-5bz-nottoman-gezilla-revolt-2013-tour https://vimeo.com/77691202 Arte tv 19.10.2013 http://gozel.tumblr.com/ Workshop with 2/5 BZ from 4.-5. November 2013, 10-17 Uhr with Freie Kunstakademie Fellbach ...Read More

YÜRÜYEN ÇIPLAK ADAM (17.6.2013) GEZİLLA BEATZ ' The anti-government protests that have shaken Istanbul since the end of May in Taksim Square’s Gezi Park ' '' Naked protester talking to police and goverment. 15 June 2013 Night. Istanbul İstiklal Street. '' 2 ...Read More

Wiederholung vom 10.8.2013 NOTTOMAN REVOLT @ TAKSiM GEZİ : In this program , it was discussed that NOTTOMAN rebellion ( 1240- 2013 ) that holds an important place in the history of the NATTOMAN empire State with NATO stations . In ...Read More

On July 2, 1993, a group of Islamic fundamentalists surrounded the Madimak Hotel in which many intellectuals were staying for the Pir Sultan Abdal Festival in Sivas, known as a stronghold ...Read More

Playlist ; Die Gefahr der Optimistin-Bewegung / Die Gefahr der Goldene Generation-Bewegung Die Gefahr der Golden-Integration / Die Gefahr der Opinion-Leaders , Inan6666 , Yikila Yikila ,Bergen, Tepelek, Nom,Diskoteka, Zalim Delay,Sid Bas,Huriyet //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Motors ...Read More

Wiederholung vom 12.06.2011 YETER ARTIK : Haci Ozkan, a member of the Office Laborers Union, talks about the police torture he had gone through, after being taken into custidy at the Hopa ...Read More

Wiederholung vom 13.04.2011 2/5BZ Serhat Köksal: Turkish Pop: B-Side of Glocal Security (Artist Presentation) The trendiness of Turkish 60's and 70's pop and funk music (or other “authentic” sounds) has certain political implications. It may be asked whether this trendiness paves the ...Read More

On Istanbul Mayday 2012, the windows of multinational corporations like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, and the windows and ATM’s of banks were broken by some anarchists in Anarchist Block. These attacks were turned into a wide-spread witch-hunt, in ...Read More

a selection of audio works by Sound & Performance Artists from Roaming Biennial of Tehran and including critiques of the international “biennialization” and ” gentrification ” process. BIENNIAL TEHRAN urban jealousy Tv INTERVIEW 10.06.2008 with ...Read More