Endzeit-Wuhling mit Texten von Bert Papenfuß :: Musik: Duo Elektrokohle/Tarwater/Herbst in Peking/Bob Rutman & Zam Johnson/!The Same/Trötsch :: Stimmen: Ines Burdow/Bert Papenfuß/Rex Joswig :: veröffentlicht als Doppelvinyl & CD von Moloko Plus Records 2019 :: http://www.molokoplusrecords.de :: Muspilli Jah War Dschihad / ...Read More

Grenzpunkt Null reloaded #77 :: Follow the Smoke :: präsentiert von Rex Joswig aus dem Jenseits der Unterhaltung :: :: a nice & easy hangout with a touch of maritime noir selected by rex joswig :: Read More

GP NULL reloaded #76 präsentiert von der lebenden Repetiermaschine Rex Joswig +++ Panic in Ghosttown +++ Panik in Tscheljabinsk Panik in Kabul Panik in Stammheim Panik auf dem Heiligen Stuhl Panik im Osten Panik auf dem Meer Panik im Westen Panik ...Read More

Hallucinated by Rex Joswig for Kismet Radio :: Dedicated to the memory of Andrew Weatherall (1963-2020) :: Featuring „Poems Along the River“ by Nada Al Khawwam :: With the original voices of Diamanda Galas, Paul Celan & WS Burroughs :: Produced & Spoken by ...Read More

Produced by TJ White Rabbit at Temporary Dub Station, Berlin, 17/04/20. With the original voices of Diamanda Galas/Little Star Shiru/Kosima K/Rex Joswig/Blixa Bargeld/ John Peel/Bob Rutman/James Douglas Morrison/Lee Scratch Perry/Ernesto Che Guevara and several aliens from the deep sea. Playlist GP Null Jingle (original ...Read More

Kismet Radio #3 :: Big City Blue Life (9am) Mixed by TJ White Rabbit at temporary dub station, Berlin, March 2020 / Girls Of The Golden West - The Grave Of Nobody’s Darling Jòhann Jòhannsson - Dive-Bomb Blues Portishead - Mudskipper (Portishead So-So ...Read More

mixed by tj white rabbit recorded at temporary dub station, berlin intro feat bob rutman, little star shiru & the girls from unison the chemical bros - go add n to (x) - plug me in santigold - disparate youth the chemical bros - eve of ...Read More

w/ the voices of Klaus Kinski/Mats, the drummer boy/Bob Rutman/Krzysztof Niewrzeda/Paul Celan/Jürgen Ploog/E.M. Cioran/Diamanda Galas/Rex Joswig/ James Douglas Morrison/Prince Far I/Eight Lamas from Drepung & several creatures from the deep & hidden sea/thank you all! music : Algiers/African Headcharge/Trentemöller/!The Same/Fehlfarben/Add N To ...Read More

präsentiert von der lebenden Repetiermaschine Rex Joswig recorded live at reboot.fm studio 07/11/19 (Acud, Berlin) feat. poetry by "Matthias" BAADER Holst & Bert Papenfuß music: THE BLACK DOG - Dark Days, Grey Nights (30:56) - David Lynch – The Air Is On Fire – ...Read More

Paul Celan On Air / presented by Rex Joswig / produced by !The Same at Cheetahs Cage / recorded by Helmar Kreysig / additional voices: Marie Aguirre (french), Stella Flatten (english), Nora Buschmann (spanish) & Paul Celan (german) / the never ending jukebox shatters: GP ...Read More