Jean-Pierre Bekolo is one of the major film directors of Black Africa. He is known for a series of feature films, among them Quatier Mozart (1992), Le Complot d´Aristotle (1996) und Les Saignantes (2005). Within each film, Bekolo develops a ...Read More

Michael Bohlmeyer (Pi Radio) und Alexis Waltz ( über die Berlinale 2015. Bohlmeyer & Waltz sprechen über Fassbinder - Lieben ohne zu fordern (Christian Braad Thomsen, Ned Rifle (Hal Hartley), Queen of the Desert (Werner Herzog), Taxi (Jafer Panahi), Nefesim kesilene ...Read More

Opening: Wednesday 28. January House of World Cultures, 19:00 What does the 'capture all' logic entail and what does it mean to live in an algorithmic world? How does the desired ‘full take’ shape not just the contemporary lived environment ...Read More

The Otolith Group’s work investigates the histories and potentials of science fiction and Tricontinentalism. In their essay film Medium Earth, The Otolith Group explores the earthquake endangered geology of California as well as the spatialized unconscious of ...Read More

William Gibson The dystopian author on time travel, cronuts, and his 22nd-century novel. —By Tasneem Raja | A special feature presented in cooperatio with Mother Jones Magazine For evidence that the sci-fi future is encroaching on the present, look no further than William Gibson's latest ...Read More

16 Beaver Group A Politics of Departure, it Effects in Being Affected Ayreen Anastas und Rene Gabri (Künstler, New York) mit Ben Morea (Künstler, USA) mit Pit Schultz. Eine Politik der Abweichung ist eine Politik, die unterstreicht, dass Leben und Form, Sein ...Read More

The Otolith Group: Medium Earth Ausstellung / Exhibition / Eröffnung / Opening Do, 16. Oktober, 18h HKW - Haus der Kulturen der Welt Fr, 17. Oktober 2014 — Mo, 08. Dezember 2014 Gegenstand der Präsentation von The Otolith Group ist der ...Read More

A discussion between James Benning, Antje Ehmann, Harun Farocki and Stuart Comer on art and film. This took place during Berlinale Film Festival Forum Expanded 2010. This rebroadcast is in memory of Harun Farocki who passed away on July ...Read More

A workshop discussion with Smarad Dreyfus that addresses schoolsl, education, place, space and civil society. The workshop discussion is part of the Berlin Documentary Forum 3 in Haus Der Kulturen derWelt. Sara Lehn, Noam Gorbat (telephone), Diana McCarty, Pit Schultz in the ...Read More

Unter dem Titel “Kapitalisierung” hat der in Frankfurt am Main lebende Autor und Underground-Elektro-Label-Manager Achim Szepanski eine zweibändige Studie vorgelegt, die möglicherweise zum neuen Geheimtipp in Sachen avancierter Kapitalismuskritik avancieren könnte. Abseits ausgetretener (deutschsprachiger) Marxologie-Pfade will ...Read More