HOERMASCHINE85 will listen to Perseus, a basement dweller, who floated in a box over the ocean, overcame beasts, created mountains, is talking about the old times in a 6-hour live broadcast. Or is it a painter, a mathematician, a ...Read More

HOERMASCHINE84 will follow the traces of pudovkin or once i saw build-up and progress. Read More

HOERMASCHINE83 will search for the blindness in the cities, the villages and the countryside - if you listen carefully you might see Read More

HOERMASCHINE82 is searching for old words in a new world - or is just looking for dreams what money can buy. Read More

HOERMASCHINE81 will follow the fight between tarzan and ibm, and discover why people shouldn't ask "why", as they should only say "because”. Read More

HOERMASCHINE80 does look back almost 700 years in the current times of quarantine, surfing the narrations of seven young women and three young men - also known as Boccacio's Decameron. Read More

HOERMASCHINE79 will listen to walking people and what about they are talking … tonight with Elke Schmid and Thomas Schütt (in German) and a lot of sounds. Read More

Hoermaschine will return to a moment where diverse people thought about and worked on the WORLD BRAIN, which was not located in a garage on which Google was written. Read More

HOERMASCHINE76 is following the ethnologist Dr. Henry Dosedla on his path through several continents researching the worlds of indigenous people and is discovering how he found the lama. Read More

HOERMASCHINE76 will follow the maschkera, the masks through some path into a garden where a hive of bees will be discovered. Is there something to learn from? Read More