where did the time traveller vanish? HOERMASCHINE 42 is HOERMASCHINE 7. this means: letters, sounds and dialogs about the desperate entanglement of the time machine. texts by h.g. wells & egon friedell, sounds by nature, machines, c.p. mcdill & mlphilippsen ...Read More

still we’re sitting behind the bars as an huge explosion of a black whole is …not at all - we are just thinking about the fragrant odour of the wine, how much more dainty, pleasant, laughing, celestial and delicious ...Read More

inspired by the site of the central slovakian gallery in banská bystrica and its newest exhibition “PRVÝ ČLOVEK BOL UMELEC” with the participation of the artists ANETTA MONA CHIÇA, MIROSLAV CSÖLLE, MATEJ GAVULA, JANA KAPELOVÁ, MARTIN KOCHAN, SVÄTOPLUK MIKYTA, MICHAL ...Read More

A departure into/ to the universe. The universe was scrawled over on all sides, along all its dimensions. There was no longer any way to establish a point of reference; the Galaxy went on turning but I could no longer count ...Read More

four men on their way through central europe - an live investigation in the middle of slovakia, around the train station (www.banskastanica.sk) of banska štiavnica - a KEUNERLAND in two hours ... from a civil war 4 men were coming somewhere ...Read More

is it a dystopia if we don't know how we want to live? is it a paradise if there some people who say what is to do, what is to follow? HOERMASCHINE37 is cruising through the sacrosanct land of rules, customs ...Read More

a city full of antiques projected into the future, told r. rossellini about naples. hoermaschine36 will broadcast 2 hours from a roof top in the very center of this south italian city. a soundscape with fire works, sea gulls, airplanes, songs, ...Read More

BENSHI or how a movie could be told. hoermaschine34 will present audible cinema from the other side of the world: A PAGE OF MADNESS. Read More

Did you get to listen what was meant to be for your ears? do you really hear what was produced for you in the broadcasting studio? or was is it just jamming? hoermaschine34 will present a soundlapse from the archive ...Read More

Listen How high can you fly? http://hoermaschine.radioerevan.net/ Read More