a city full of antiques projected into the future, told r. rossellini about naples. hoermaschine36 will broadcast 2 hours from a roof top in the very center of this south italian city. a soundscape with fire works, sea gulls, airplanes, songs, ...Read More

BENSHI or how a movie could be told. hoermaschine34 will present audible cinema from the other side of the world: A PAGE OF MADNESS. Read More

Did you get to listen what was meant to be for your ears? do you really hear what was produced for you in the broadcasting studio? or was is it just jamming? hoermaschine34 will present a soundlapse from the archive ...Read More

Listen How high can you fly? http://hoermaschine.radioerevan.net/ Read More

a phantom in the ether, a phantasy on air: hoermaschine32 is dealing with the phenomenon of RFE - RADIO FREE EUROPE. Read More

listen to some coffee talk about age and following the live concert PARADISELOST in bratislava. did you win or lost your paradises? With ML Philipsen Read More

do we have an answer why we are occupying? ourselves, others, politics and policies ... hoermaschine30 is trying to follow a talk at the "kantine" in the museumsquartier vienna. http://hoermaschine.radioerevan.net/ Read More

two thousand thirteen the sun is hyperactive. listen with hoermaschine to the sun flares. http://hoermaschine.radioerevan.net/ Read More

what benjamin franklin had to do with guglielmo marconi and why broadcasting will be our prism into future … http://hoermaschine.radioerevan.net/ Read More

portolan or how to map what you’re listen to in your everyday life - the new hoermaschine transmit from a conference about the multisensual digital radio culture - RADIOSINNE: udo noll talks about his longterm project RADIO ...Read More