In this new show, Ice FM deals with one of its favorite topics, the relation between humans and machine. This time, we built up the alternative soundtrack of the movie directed by Spyke Jonze called Her. Remember, Theodore ...Read More

JOY IS BORING TOO Last show of the year for Ice FM on Reboot FM and it’s an icy/hot selection by manager Max Fraisier-Roux, with some 2014 bests ! Some warm harmonies, bitter sweet songs for winter days… Inspiration: Christmas lights, naked trees, ...Read More

Are robots our friends? This second part of our radio show is inspired by Futureworld (directed by Richard Heffron, 1976) the name of the odd amusement park managed by apparently kind robots. As in the first part, the female voice ...Read More

In the seventies, american futuristic movies dreamt up new ways of life in a computerized world. One of these movies Westworld by Michael Crichton showed a futuristic adult-themed amusement park staffed by delightful automated robots. Ice FM radio show deals ...Read More

From the depths of the never-ending ocean, from the fathomless world of mystery & unearthly beauty, we’re looking for the avenging monster, trudging trough an epic legend. Dive deep and go down into the abyss, experience the cloudy & cold ...Read More

UNHEALTHY FREQUENCIES (REVISITED) Peter does crazy things. Because of the transmitter put in his head and linked to his fingernail as a receptor. Should turn off the inner radio at any price, even if it god damned hurts like ...Read More

Ice FM - Dead Palm Trees - Our Odd Summer Compilation Summer is coming.  Ice FM offers "Dead Palm Trees", its odd summer compilation with a few unreleased & new tracks from anticipated compilations (the next Modeselektor one, ...Read More

Here is a free dive into a psychopath and a recidivist killer mind, Gerald Kargl’s “Angst” OST adaptation, remade by Ice FM resident Max Fraisier-Roux. Frightning layers, nervous abstract techno, weird industrial-electro, dark-gloomy-rock, haunted voices. Hang on. Liaisons Dangereuses - ...Read More

"This is the second part of our never-ending music journey dedicated to apocalypse mythology. In this part, we deal with the primal and psychotic fear of the apocalypse, related to the “Take Shelter” soundtrack and poetry. Ambient, ...Read More

An initiatory mix through times and music. When history sounds different from someone to another, when music creates and kills with the words of Jean Genet or Derrick May, a peacefull depression, ...Read More