“The western reasoning from which all our formal geometrical knowledge springs began with a few simple statements called postulates."The odd thing about these postulates is that they are assumed to be true. In other words the foundations of feometry that ...Read More

WITH DJ SEEKS SAME “I don’t feel right about this,’ Wyn-No-Nah whispered as they stood in line, waiting while Mad Madalaine drew the magic circle with the sword. “About what?” Aaron asked. “This,” she repeated. “The meeting. Something’s wrong.” Aaron studied the ...Read More

By DJ SEEKS SAME Voices and tones between Argentina and similar, a hollow line between 1997 and 2015. Como agua sobre una piedra a quien retorna en busca de su antiguo buscar la noche se le cierra como agua sobre una piedra como aire ...Read More

Tsunemasa (speaking off the stage) “The wind blowing through the withered trees: rain from a cloudless sky. The moon shining on level sands: frost on a summer’s night” Frost lying…. But I because I could not lie at rest, Am come back to the ...Read More

With DJ SEEKS SAME “At first he said he was quite alone. There was no one at the beach. It was the afternoon, with a few clouds in the sky. He was dressed in some sort of clothing but wasn’t ...Read More

With DJ Seeks Same So the reporters follow you into that place without roads and they say: “Give us the story, Doctor. Give us the dope.” Overhead a turkey vulture spirals slowly out of sight in an updraft of air. You ...Read More

With DJ SEEKS SAME ‘A wise man, the wonder of his age, taught his disciples from a seemingly inexhaustible store of wisdom. He attributed all his knowledge to a thick tome which was kept in a place of honor in his ...Read More

With DJ SEEKS SAME ‘Cryptomnesia, or "concealed recollection," is the name for a theoretical phenomenon involving suppressed or 'forgotten' memories. It refers to cases where (apparently) a person believes that he or she is creating or inventing something new, such ...Read More

‘There was a rustling in the bushes on his left and suddenly, like a cuckoo from a nursery clock, out popped a large black bird, the size of a jackdaw—only, needless to say, it wasn't a jackdaw. It clapped a pair of white-tipped ...Read More

By DJ SEEKS SAME Below a dark underpass, we step out of the car and listen. There is tangled tumble of traffic between Tennessee and Tangier. This reissue of the classic Jetlag Archipelago episode is a sonic slide show ...Read More