Sonic artifacts /radio detritus from Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia collected in September, 2013 by the So Far Channel Mixed by DJ SEEKS SAME Featuring: “Samarkand” - Ricci e Poveri “Ne talihsiz bir kızım” - Gülcan Opel Doctor Ayboleet Heci Mustafa Firdevsi “Tumbalalaika” - Greta Ganchev “Cirkusz” - ...Read More

JETLAG ARCHIPELAGO #30 :: Radio S’chach With DJ Seeks Same and Gewisse Delikassette (the So Far Channel) Sephardic-Ladino sonic remnants, collected and broadcasted in the ruins of a once-thriving synagogue in Vidin, Bulgaria. ...Read More

JETLAG ARCHIPELAGO #29 – Waves Above Waves With DJ SEEKS SAME “We can also understand from the following sentences in the previous verse ‘…in a deep sea. It is covered by waves, above which are waves, above which are clouds…’, that ...Read More

By DJ SEEKS SAME “Wants may be ‘easily satisfied’ either by producing much or desiring little. The familiar conception, the Galbraithean way – based on the concept of market economies – states that man's wants are great, not to say ...Read More

With DJ SEEKS SAME "It's a very thin and narrow rail. Only the top part is shiny as though it is used; the rest is quite rusty and dirty. The sleepers are mostly covered up with silt or sand or ...Read More

With DJ SEEKS SAME ‘Some of the audible features unfortunately are the result of onboard interference. The constant tone at 2.4kHz is caused by the spacecraft power supply. The occasional sound like someone pounding a bass drum is the result of ...Read More

With DJ SEEKS SAME* "Like an immense submarine temple, the white bulk of the planetarium stood before him, illuminated by the vivid surface water. The steel barricades around the entrance had been dismantled by the previous divers, and the semicircular arc ...Read More

" ... Then there were other points of dissimilarity between a meteor and the green fireballs. The trajectory of the fireballs was too flat. Dr. La Paz explained that a meteor doesn't necessarily ...Read More

with DJ SEEKS SAME in collaboration with the So Far Channel The So Far Channel presents a summary of findings, sonic and visual, in a limited edition cassette tape and book. Aleatory data from expeditions to Tangier, Tennessee, New Mexico, old ...Read More

... with your fellow castaway DJ Seeks Same "1 Everything which is, is either in itself or another. 2 That which cannot be conceived through another must be conceived though itself. 3 From a ...Read More