Throwing Pianos On The Street These are some exercises with pianos as flying objects. I am mute. Read More

Sifting through arrhythmic sound in my head and the tempo of the outsidesound-scape i have moments of meditative silence (not possible really) where i ask myself this question if my life have changes since the last time i check it ...Read More

Some things are important, some things are urgent, some other are essential, yet other are seriously unmissable, one thing though of course is necessary, it is to know at any time how far you are from the sea, so even if you wake ...Read More

One of my old habits is to look up on buildings - above the level of the endless arcade of shops and adverts - there above - you can find a lot of more interesting things - among them patterns, ...Read More

In the constant travel, or rather permanent movements, we are visiting many places, sometimes for a very short period of time, for a glitch of time. This is a short encounter, mostly as usual through the sound-scape of the place. ...Read More

There is one place i am not talking about this time, i will keep it for later, i have not yet got there properly. My recent visit was incidental and short. Nevertheless i am on the go, on the road, ...Read More

Make Me Dance Any time - anywhere - make me dance - if ever we will be able to escape the concrete forests of our talking, exercising and making ourselves feel better. If ever. Maybe instead make me dance. Exploring the inside ...Read More

I Think Of My Skin While Gazing At You I like skin - in general. Very sophisticated part of us, keeping us within, clearly separated. With areas of different sensitivity, areas we cannot see ourselves, we cannot touch too. There ...Read More

If you have had all the devices at your hand, available, checked, tested and tested again; if you had the practice mastered, if you have tried it many times; if you were all well trained, very experienced. You could think ...Read More

Forget for a moment about Brigitte - she will explain herself a bit later on, perhaps. The point is the symbolical weight of a lollipop nightmare. Lets take it as a metaphor of all the nightmares we manufacture carefully for ...Read More