In this edition of Talking Feminisms we have the wonderful Gizem Adiyaman and Lucia Luciano a.k.a Hoe_mies witn us live in the studio. Hoe_mies define themselves as a community space. They organize Hip Hop parties that center around women*, non-binary, ...Read More

Wiederholung vom 13.5.2017 this show will be a conversation with Joyce Yaya Sah from South Cameroon, formerly known as west Cameroon. we will talk about freedom struggle, about the current situation in the Land and about Women's roll. please let us know what ...Read More

#For English pls scroll down’# “Take Back Your Future” – Rromnja* Powermonth und RomaniPhen” Wir sind ein Team von vier diversen Frauen* mit verschiedenen Hintergründen. Uns eint die Idee von intersektionaler queer feministischem Empowerment und viel Liebe für Musik. In der heutigen Sendung ...Read More

we would like to discuss the serious health issues that can arise from such a situation. We would like to discuss the role of mental health and body wellbeing of Black WLT*I and WLT*I of Color and the importance of ...Read More

Karin L. Hermes is writing her PhD on the indigenous relation to the land in Hawai’i and will explain how and why she got involved in the movement to protect Mauna Kea, the highest mountain Hawai’i Island, ...Read More

in this week's show we will be discussing with the organisers of two upcoming events in Berlin: 1. The first TransFormations: 3 days of Film screenings, Exhibitions, Parties, Performances, stands, discussions, Küfas and much more.The TFFB is a three-day festival in which ...Read More

Wiederholung vom 28.6.2015 Eine Sendung über Menstruation von Julia Brilling mit Iris Rajanayagam Als die Künstlerin Rupi Kaur auf ihrem Instagram-Profil ein Foto einer vollbekleideten Frau mit Blutfleck auf der Hose postete wurde das Bild sogleich von Instagram entfernt mit dem Hinweis es ...Read More

An intersectional mash up that hears Lizzie Borden's cult classic film 'Born in Flames' through a contemporary global ear. Is there a connection between Communists in Alabama during the great depression, jazz great Thelonious Monk, and Apartheid in Palestine? This ...Read More

Interview mit Coco Fusco Read More

Talking Feminism #6 Anna Younes (2015-10-10) by Reboot.Fm on Mixcloud we are a feminist-critical radio show. Which means we are also and foremost critical about feminism. This show we want to move away from rhetorics in to the praxis. So ...Read More