Statt zu versuchen, die Marshall Amps auf 11 zu drehen, haben sie von ihrem letzten Geld eine Schalmei gekauft und einen Satz Streicher engagiert. Und eigentlich irreführend, der Name dieser Sendung, denn mit Rock hat das in den seltensten Fällen ...Read More

WE are a spanish record label, and Kolera is a Dj and producer of this new project, they have two references in vinyl that you can listen in his soundcloud profile. From the depths a new project, Abisal Records, emerges to ...Read More

Das Studio im Haus der Kulturen der Welt wird zur Gast- und Ruhestätte „Zum Alpharaver“. Synthetische Abgesänge aus den Verwerfungen finsterer Kabelgänge werden in den nächtlichen Äther gedrückt, wobei von übelstem Acid-Folk über schachbrettartig angelegten Klangschattengewächsen bis hin zur Techno-Einöde ...Read More

Tonight Rona Geffen, Kritzkom and Aschka talk about a couple of interesting international projects and collaborations in support of LGBTQIA+ and against toxic masculinity in club culture. And we present our usual selection of amazing music by women, transgender and ...Read More

Amplify Berlin is a residency program designed to support emerging Berlin-based musicians through mentorships with more established ones in order to facilitate creative development through guidance, a focused work environment and access to resources. Each monthly radio show is hosted ...Read More

Beat-driven music and social dance was central in the evolutionary process of Homo Sapiens, both in terms of biology and sociology. Biologically speaking, bipedalism, or the ability to walk upright, is only possible with cognitive processes such as “beat induction,” ...Read More

Your Mom’s on the Radio travels to Lebanon with Beirut’s up-and-coming talent Prïss. Her mix is minimal, dark in parts and ambient in others, an intriguing and smooth start for your clubbing weekend featuring sounds from Berlin to Beirut. A3/C7 - ...Read More

Das Studio im Haus der Kulturen der Welt wird zur Gast- und Ruhestätte „Zum Alpharaver“. Feierabendliche Abgesänge aus den Verwerfungen dunkler Kabelgänge werden in den nächtlichen Stadtäther gepustet, wobei von schachbrettartig angelegtem Acid-Folk, über synthetischen Klangschattengewächsen bis hin zur Techno-Einöde ...Read More

Infinite Livez and Tex Royale rinse out your music live on air!! Expect a show of 100% submitted music. Look out for some exclusives and genuine CORKERS in all that’s bleepy, glitched and electrified. Read More

Liza Blannelli presents an eclectic mix of new and recent music focusing on experimental, electronic, rap and abstract dance music. Theo Burt - "Gloss A2" Cakedog - "Cya" Basic Rhythm - "Get Up" Shygirl - "UCKERS" Mr. Mitch - "Not Modular" Dinamarca feat coucou chloe ...Read More