Lisa & Lyon's Raw Cuts is about adventurous new music from the soulful underground. Compiled and mixed by Johannes Ehmann this late night special wisps through the darkness with a vaporous intensity, touching the deepest depths of experimental jazz, jazz-flecked ...Read More

Tonight Rona Geffen and Aschka spend some quality time beating lockdown fatigue over some great new tracks by women, transgender and non-binary artists everywhere. Featuring Snowdrops, Haxo, [MONRHEA], Silky Disturbance, Miss Baas, ELLLLL, Mila Chiral, Violet and Borusiade. Tracklist Snowdrops - ...Read More

Amplify Berlin is a residency program designed to support emerging Berlin-based musicians through mentorships with more established ones in order to facilitate creative development through guidance, a focused work environment and access to resources. Each monthly radio show is hosted ...Read More

Ma is Robi zenéi szólnak, mint az előző két alkalommal. Ezúttal az elektromosabb hangzás, és ritmus volt a válogatás alapja. Singas Project Marcel Zagar Korai Öröm yonderboi Volkova Sisters Jazzbois Marcel Monkeyneck Péterfy Bori és a Love Band Imre Kiss Ferenczi György és a Rackajam Read More

Playlist “Yeah, I Said It” (2016) by Rihanna; “Get It Together” (1996) by 702; “Voyage to Atlantis” (1977) by The Isley Brothers; “Is It A Crime” (1985) by Sade; “Sweet Thing” (1975) by Chaka Khan; “Where I Wanna Be” (1999) by ...Read More

Infinite Livez and Tex Royale rinse out your music live on air!! Expect a show of 100% submitted music. Look out for some exclusives and genuine CORKERS in all that’s bleepy, glitched and electrified. Read More

White Ring are back with Show Me Heaven, a new album released on Friday! For the occasion, they prepared a mix for Reboot FM, EVERYTHING IS FINE lets you enter the band's universe with an ...Read More

Deadly Dolores nimmt euch mit auf eine kleine Reise in die Welt des Hip Hop. 1. Dee Dee Sharp - I Really Love You 2. Bahamadia - Real Love 3. Dudley Perkins - Flowers 4. Blackalicious - Dream Season 5. A Tribe Called Quest - ...Read More

Felt - Fortune The King of Luxembourg - how to get on in Society Mari Wilson - use him Disloaction Dance - show me Konk - alien love attack Jesus couldn’t drum - I’m a train Jazz Defectors - the smiling hour Tot Taylor - the wrong ...Read More

Ashoreradio · Ashoreradio #54 - Valentine's Day mit Zola & Basco Ok, wir geben es zu, die komplette Ashore Crew besteht aus elendigen Romantikern. Und natürlich müssen wir auch anlässlich des Valentinstag am 14. Februar eine Sendung voller Liebeslieder senden. Weil: ...Read More