Rock/Pop am Montag - Rausschmeisser Spezial Vol. 2 Scott Walker - angels of ashes Mantler - lately I’m sad Red house painters - shadows Trembling blue stars - from a pale blue rosary Felt - She lives by the castle The Clientele - K Judee Sill - ...Read More

Soulful dirty beats, raw rap, lo-fi hip hop, dark instrumentals, mixed with traditional folklore, field recordings, spoken word, hybrid electronica, the weird music we have today. No hype. Listen to the world around you. First part: In 1999 the rapper alter-ego of ...Read More

Bendik Giske - “Cracks” Masayoshi Fujita - “Noise Marimba Tape” MMM - “So Nigh” Beneath - “Tough One” aya - “backsliding” DJ Stingray - “Construction Materials From Organic Waste” RP Boo - “Finally Here (ft. Afiya)” Chunky - “Meh” Oli XL - “Ribbon Bone [Silk Chaser]” Misantrop - “Residue” 96 ...Read More

For podcast number 11 of the Arts x Music x New Tech series, another EXP__ special episode produced with dublab and music tech blog CDM under the patronage of Wunderbar Together, and introduced by Häana. You will hear how technologist ...Read More

Between December 2020 - February 2021 we aired the Black Reverly Quiet Storm, a three-part radio show by Derrais Carter as part of his commission with If I Can’t Dance that explored different modes of storytelling, placing Carter himself in ...Read More

tracklist: Marie Madeleine: Love Suicide - Acid Arab Remix RFX: Buppa Buppa Jack N’ Chill: Beatin’ The Heat Housy Rachid: Harem Party Tjade: Koi Jaye - Edit Bellyhouse: Harem Disko Party - Majestic Mix Awesome Orientalists From Europa: Qu’est-ce Qu’Arabe? - Edit Hamid Al Shaeri: Wekatabtek - Aaron ...Read More

M u t z e n t r a t i o n .. now begins Mutze ist zurück auf und wühlt sich in seiner monatlichen Radiosendung gewohnt spielend durch jegliche Auswüchse elektronischer+artverwandter Musik und entdeckt dabei aktuelles, vergessenes, und ...Read More

Klassik Reboot- Radio Orasian Elektrotoxx mit DJ Ipek von 4.2.2009 (Herbstradio) İpek İpekçioğlu , auch bekannt als DJ Ipek, ist eine deutsche DJ, Musikproduzentin und Autorin. Als Eventmanagerin und Aktivistin ist sie Teil des Künstlernetzwerkes Kanakwood und Mitbegründerin zweier Vereine. Daneben ...Read More

Zhao brings contemporary and classic dance music together from all five continents, with focus on Africa. While his DJ sets reach from culture centers to remote areas of the globe, and from now back through the ages, DJ Zhao’s remix ...Read More

Tonight we have a fabulous mixtape from our resident Rona Geffen featuring selected works by women, trans and non-binary artists around the world. Stay safe and enjoy the vibes! Tracklist StanLei - Love + Belief Marie Wilelmine Andres - High (The Wind) (Klordop ...Read More