Texture 22 stars Jasss, who recently released a debut solo LP, Weightless. She’s chipped away at the non-traditional segment of Berlin’s club circuit via Mannequin label nights and regular appearances at Berghain’s new floor Säule. Her ...Read More

Wilted Woman came to the Cashmere headquarters game and correct with a bag full’o wildcards that ran the gamut from avant trash to garbage dance with that oh-so-inimitable wilted style. Those Who Know have heard and been THOROUGHLY impressed by ...Read More

Cashmere Nights — Music for the midnight hours with Borusiade. Once a month, Cashmere Radio broadcasts the finest music for the midnight hours on reboot.fm. Whether you are venturing out or staying home on your Saturday night, our rotating ...Read More

Celebrating two years of community and experimental broadcasting. 0% Polyester, 100% Cashmere: Cashmere Radio DJs all day and all night. 2 stages, audiophile sound provided by System.out Sound. Klunkerkranich, 24 June. €2 donation before 16:00, €5 after at Klunkerkranich Read More

DJ Alex Pe Win is 33 1/3 of the Voices Collective alongside fellow DJ's Cedric Woo and Ramar and live percussion. Voices was one of first London based parties to incorporate a strong support in the revival ...Read More

Live from C-Base Berlin, Cashmere Radio's show Chronopolis introduces us to the famous Schneiders Karussel, a rotating 12 channel Modular System. Read More

an extended episode of the Applied Arts Show live from cashmereradio.com for all the old school radio lovers and midnight drivers in town! With Edoardo Calgari! https://www.facebook.com/events/586216834919400/ It's a good occasion to also launch Applied Arts new flashy fb and soundcloud ...Read More

As part of Cashmere Radio’s programme for CTM and Transmediale Vorspiel 2017. Read More

As part of Cashmere Radio’s programme for CTM and Transmediale Vorspiel 2017, THALAMUS presents: V.02, a programme of live music, DJ sets and video works Read More